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Future plans and strategies discussed at PEFK executive meeting
February 7, 2018, 10:49 am

Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait (PEFK), arranged a quarterly executive Meeting on 25 January, at Kuwait Continental hotel with the meeting chaired by President Muhammad Irfan Adil. 

M.Irfan Shafiq, PEFK Secretary General, formally started the meeting with a welcome note followed by the recitation of the Holy Quran by Waqas Ahmed, the Joint Secretary of PEFK.

Vice president Anwar Ali addressed the team and shared his expert thoughts regarding team management, organization structure, profiles and job description with the team members, and explained how to be more productive in the year ahead. He designated the year 2018 to be the 'Learning and Development' year. Overview of the year 2017 activities and accomplishments was presented by Mr. Irfan Shafiq.

PEFK Founder/President Muhammad Irfan Adil welcomed the new EC Members into PEFK Team and extended his best wishes to them. He stated that PEFK is a premier and first ever Pakistani Forum of its kind in Kuwait, which is purely designated to provide assistance for job seekers and career counseling for students residing in Kuwait especially among Pakistanis.

PEFK is a non-political and non-Governmental organization with a vision to provide career guidance to job seekers and students, mainly Pakistani citizens residing in Kuwait, and help those in need of assistance in their career development, with no limitations of religion, nationality, race or ethnicity.

The organization's desire to serve humanity and the career of all humans is precious and they aim to provide the Best Career Development Counseling and Job hunting guidance to our community in Kuwait. PEFK achieved remarkable successes in 2017 and overcame many challenges successfully by teamwork, unity and achieved a great result as an organization as hundreds of jobless peoples got job placements and career assistance by PEFK Team.

PEFK completed its 8th year of success and great community service in the noble cause of career development and we are proud to be part of this wonderful organization. A large number of jobless candidates got job placements in 2017 and this graph is moving up rapidly. Later, formal agenda has been discussed and future plans and activities being finalized by mutual understanding and unanimously Mr. Shahbaz was nominated as Finance Secretary.

The President congratulated and welcomed new executive members Tahir Mehmood and Faisal Jameel in PEFK Executive Council. He expressed that their induction into PEFK will be an asset in future. At the end, Votes Of Thanks were extended by M.Irfan Shafiq. He thanked all participants and the meeting ended with the dua for all Pakistan, Kuwait and the entire Ummah.

Later, a lavish dinner was served and the meeting ended on a high note. The participants were Muhammad Irfan Adil, Anwar Ali, M.Irfan Shafiq, Waqas Ahmed, Maqbool Ahmed, M Imran Khan, Shahbaz Ali, Nadiya Muhammad Arshad, Bushra Waqas, Farhana Sarwar, Shakeel Murtaza, Adnan Yousaf, Saleem Ch, Tahir Mehmood, Faisal Jameel and Muhammad Arshad. 


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