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Future Eye Theatre to hold innovative drama Black Gold
March 23, 2017, 3:57 pm

The Future Eye Theatre Kuwait introduces an innovative dramatic technique of Motion Theatre through its latest drama Black Gold. The drama will be staged on 31 March at the Indian Community school Khaitan.

Black Gold is an experimental venture using the motion Theatre technique which is quite different from the usual trodden Proscenium and Arena theatre techniques. This innovative venture is organized and introduced by Shemej Kumar K.K whose script and direction gives life to the drama. Kumar is an acknowledged and recognized dramatist who have many accolades  to his credit. He has directed a number of scintillating dramas unfolding the existential concerns of humans and amidst many recognitions, he was awarded the prestigious award for the Best Director of Drama -2015 by Kerala Sangeeta Nadaka Acadamy.

The drama Black Gold is brought on the stage through the combined and persistent efforts by a group of gifted artists .Their brilliant contribution adds to the soul of the drama.

Krishna Kumar (Future Eye Theatre Secretary ), Govind Shanta , Deepu Vellamon, Anish Kumar, Jithesh Nair, Ms.Mini Satheesh, Nishad Ilayathu, Sarath, Raghavan Aduthila and Madhu Balakrishnan are the main artists on and behind the stage . Darmaraj Madappally, Satheesh Varijakshan , Biju Velloor. Deepak L.B.Nair, Subbaraman, Binu Das and Amal Raj are the active contributors to creative and technical fields . The Drama venture is blessed and supported by many prominent directors and technical experts from the multifarious venues of Drama .

Black Gold recreates  the dreams and desires of a handful of humans working in the Oil  Rigs of Middle East. Human ambition is limitless, they are ready to forgo anything in life to conquer and confiscate. Inborn biological ramblings in search of better pastures have lead humans to nooks and corners of this universe. This indomitable human will has conquered oceans even in times that lacked technical expertise . They have challenged  the scorching heat of sun in oil fields to eclipse its political and economic vistas. This quest - for knowledge , to conquer ,to own  - has been inherited and handed over to generations .War and peace passes on like day and night but this quest for the powerful black Gold continue.

This drama, Black Gold  trespasses all constraints of space , it uses three main venues taking the audience along to experience this enthralling  technique in drama.

A bus is used as the  medium of  transport and  a portion of the drama is enacted in the bus .The drama is not harnessed over a stage, instead it travels in harmony with the nature, climate, topography and time .

The concept of Motion Theatre is a comparatively novel venture which has had sparse venues until now .Though a limited audience is privileged to physically travel with the troop , live streaming of the same enables virtual participation and enjoyment for larger groups.


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