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Fun and prizes galore at the IES Winter Carnival
February 3, 2015, 12:01 pm

‘Fun Galore Prizes Galore’ - the tagline of Bhavan’s Annual Winter Carnival is just an understatement of the frolic, boundless fun and excitement that filled every corner of the Indian Educational School premises on 30 January, 2015. Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) organizes the Winter Carnival every year for students and teachers to take a break from the hectic schedule of academics and to relax before the start of the regular school days and terminal examinations toward the end of the academic calendar.

IES Winter Carnival 2014-2015 was launched on Friday, 30 January at 10 am when the Bhavans Middle East Chairman N.K. Ramachandran Menon, inaugurated the carnival amid roaring applause. The usually serious campus was magically turned into a merry land and the school premises was transformed into a fairytale palace filled with fun, laughter, merriment, games, and what not!

The Bhavan’s Winter Carnival is unique due to the meticulous planning executed by the organizing committee to ensure there are new and creative games and activities to be enjoyed by all.

The packed auditorium witnessed a slew of various cultural performances. Incredible dance performances comprising of both modern and traditional dance forms were some of the highly appreciated onstage performances that enthralled the spectators. The talented Bhavanites also displayed their talent to the public by partaking in an array of assorted stage performances that consisted of instrumental music, karaoke singing, hip-hop, fusion music, and many other dance forms.

The DJ Show was the most sought after as the young and ‘young at hearts’ danced to the electrifying tunes. The drumbeats could hardly keep pace with heartbeats when the music reached a transfixing crescendo.  The Fashion Show followed next. Parents walked on the ramp in stylish fashion and were confident amidst the cheering. The icing on the cake indeed was the wondrous Baby Show. Tots to toddlers danced on the stage and walked on the ramp captivating every heart around. 

Children and parents thronged the game stalls to test their nimbleness and ability. More than 30 game stalls provided sheer enjoyment and pure gaming experience to the visitors. Children were very happy to display the prizes they had won at the game stalls. Face painting, henna, bingo, juke box, tattoos, and hair color were also some of the other stalls that were buzzing with activity throughout the carnival. The basement of the school building hosted Magic Show, Star Wars, Video Games, and White Elephant stalls. The White Elephant stalls boasted of household articles contributed by Bhavanites for sale. Mobile Phones to blu-ray players and soft toys to tongs were available for sale at the White Elephant stall.

The Winter Carnival also featured many a sizzling food kiosk. Indian, Chinese, and Arabic food stalls in the badminton court were visited by gourmets much to the satisfaction of their taste buds.

Excitement rose to the pinnacle when the raffle draw began. Fifteen fabulous prizes and a dozen consolation prizes were given away to the winners of the lucky draw.  IES Principal T.Premkumar thanked the sponsors and the well-wishers for their support. He also thanked the parents, students, and teachers for making the winter carnival a grand success. Upon asked the veteran educator also said that the key idea behind conducting school carnivals is to strengthen the sense of togetherness and belonging between the teachers, the students, and the parents.

The elation slowly faded away as the crowd walked away from the carnival venue with immense contentment and a bit of disenchantment that they have to wait for another year to have such an incredible carnival experience.

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