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Fun Diwali games
October 30, 2016, 11:30 am

During the most awaited festival of the year, Diwali, the air is rife with lights, lamps, fireworks, cheer and of course – fun.

Sure, Diwali and indulgence go hand in hand – encompassing a whole range of items like food, sweets, clothes and crackers. However, no celebration is complete without fun and games – and that applies to Diwali as well.

To pack in as much fun as possible, here is a list of activities that will make your Diwali memorable.

Diya lighting contest:  Seeing as Diwali is the festival of lights, can you think of a better way to honor it than to play a game that will illuminate your surroundings? Divide your family members in two teams and depending on the number of participants, set a time limit for lighting diyas. The team that lights the most diyas wins.

Tambola:  Also known as ‘housie’, this game is played with great fervor in most clubs. If you have been to one, in fact, you will know that no Saturday is complete without the ritualistic Tambola party. Full of fun, this game makes for a perfect entertainer on the night of Diwali.

How do you play this? The host or the caller needs to pick a number without looking at the box containing the numbers. The caller generally shakes the box containing numbers before calling out the next number. If a number called by the caller exists on a player’s ticket, then the player has to strike it. The player who finishes all numbers on his ticket first, wins.

Bollywood dance:  Make a list of popular Bollywood tracks, get a DJ console and throw in some disco lighting to make your drawing room look like a dance floor. The Bollywood tracks will have your guests grooving, twisting, head banging and whipping out some sassy thumkas on the dance floor.

Diwali drawing contest:  Children should not be left out of the festivities, and this Diwali drawing contest is for the tiny tots in the house. Hand over a large blank paper sheet to every little participant and ask them to draw pictures of anything related to Diwali – like diyas, the Swastik, Ganesha, the Om symbol – and write ‘Happy Diwali’ underneath in fancy writing. The one with the best picture walks away with the prize.

 Decorate for fun: Diyas and candles are popular house adornments during Diwali. At a get-together with family and friends, get some sparkle glue, wax and wicks and help them make candles. Just pour melted, colored wax into a diya – make sure you wear gloves or similar safety measures, so that you do not get hot wax on you. Once the wax solidifies, remove it from case and decorate it with sparkle glue or any kind of adornments.



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