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Full-on red
October 29, 2017, 3:34 pm

Red is the trendy color that all fashionistas are showing off.  Usually the top fashion tip is to pair a red blazer with your blue jeans, or pick a red bag to complete your get-up, but not anymore, now it is time to go all-in and colorblock shades of red from head-to-toe.

Go all-out with a red maxi dress and boots or mix prints, shades, and fabrics for a creative mash-up of the timeless color. Much like lipstick, there is a red to suit for everyone, whether you are more burgundy (if so, go for plush velvets) or crimson (grab a scene-stealing suit). Here is some best ways to wear the color du jour.

Suit up: Perhaps the most versatile way to colorblock your red is with a suit as it is both workwear-appropriate and casually cool enough for evenings and weekends. Look so fashion-forward in a bold two-piece and wear it any which way you like — though the looser fitting, more relaxed cuts are ideal for layering over a turtleneck come winter.

Dress it up or down:  Dresses like midi or wrap dresses are popular, so invest in one to see you through each season. For a perfect contrast of prim and edgy, wear vibrant red-prints in botanicals or graphics with knee-high boots or combat footwear.

Keep it casual:  Want to try your hand at the trend but not one for dressing up? No problem — just proudly wear your streetwear in red. Relaxed trousers and oversized knits are the most comfortable autumn attire. You can even go the palazzo pants and silk blouse route.  To sharpen the look, style it with your best heels, or keep it cool with box-fresh sneakers for weekends.

Cover up:  When styling, don’t forget to factor in your bright red outerwear into the equation. During cold months, it is best to paint the town red with your coats and jackets. Go for interesting textures like a vibrantly red shag or a faux fur vest— extra points for wearing it over an already-all-red get-up. For those who want to keep their wardrobe smart, a more tailored fit in their coat will look sharp.

Velvet underground: The crushed texture of velvet has incredible staying power. It is also a far more exciting way to tackle red from head-to-toe. Plus, you can wear it any way you like, so browse the statements pieces from dresses to boots.

High shine: Patent, vinyl, high-shine...whatever you're calling this futuristic fabric, the main thing is that you can load your wardrobe with it in various shades of red such as cherry, crimson, or scarlet. First off, be warned that top-to-toe vinyl can be a little too much. Instead go for mixing textures in red such as a cable knit jumper paired with a vinyl skirt for a toned down take on the look. You can even try the retro-futuristic side of glossy trousers. Nothing says modern more than a flash of glossy red vinyl, a graphic jacket, and stomping Bovver boots.


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