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Full attendance at Cee Culinary Arts
January 13, 2019, 11:46 am

Community Events and Entertainment Culinary Art class kicks off its first class of Batch 4 on Baking and Pastry class at the Food Academy of a retail Hypermarket in Shuwaikh on Friday. The class, with all cooking stations occupied, was led by the wife of the Philippine Charges D’ Affaires Noor Lomondot and Filipinos from different work sectors in Kuwait.

The three-hour baking class provides opportunities for novice bakers to improve and enhance their skills, learn techniques and be able to create new products. “I have been baking for some time, but attending a proper class is a whole new experience for me. I am looking forward for more recipes and procedures in the coming classes,” commented Vicky, a dental hygienist. The class kicked off with a brief introduction from the CEE Project Manager followed by introduction of master chefs and trainers. Participants were also asked to introduce themselves; guidelines were also discussed prior to the class.

Masterchefs Mario Asuncion and Cris Ricarfort led the team of trainers Chefs Ramil de la Cruz, Lyndon Dagsindal and Aubrey Delmoro with mentors’ trainers Chefs Beatriz Carvajal, Raizza Anne Velasquez, Leo Capiendo, Girlie Desuyo, Sally Oro and assisted by Cecilia Gliane.

Visiting chefs and guests also graced the first day of the class. Two items were presented were presented by each participant after the class on the master chef’s table. CEE Culinary Classes started five months back with three major courses available on monthly basis. Courses include; Basic Pastry and Baking, Advanced Baking and Pastry, International Cuisines (French, Italian, Japanese and Arabic) and International Cuisines 2 (Korean, Thai, Indian and Livelihood Package). Course duration is four Fridays with three hours per session. For details call: 65019059 / Facebook: CEE Culinary Arts

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer



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