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Fruity Fashion
September 15, 2015, 11:52 am

For those looking to add some punch in your summer wardrobe, give fruit fashion a try. From watermelons to pineapples, these colourful and fun prints embellish everything from shoes to purses, injecting brightness into your summer attire. These prints are a breath of fresh air in a fashion scene obsessed with summer colours and sundresses. In this trend, wearing a super-fun pineapple print shirt or skirt can be an attention grabbing look. Here are some tips to style fruit fashion.

It’s all about the fabulous accessories: Funky fruit accessories can make all the difference in any outfit, and it especially stands out against simple clothing. Moreover, accessories are a fantastic way to test out a new trend if you are not fully ready to embrace it. Take a gander at espadrille flats or a scarf that showcase pretty lemon or watermelon print respectively, or maybe, a bright orange-adorned headwrap or an apple necklace would look so adorable for a casual stroll. These types of accessories are quirky and show personality, and such simple items like a hair clip, brooch or purse are a great way for you to incorporate the trend.

Fanciful fruit prints: There are so many types of fruit print clothing out right now, and so many types of dresses splashed with beautiful orange, strawberry and watermelon print designs that cater to any sense of style from casual to mode. Choose any dress in a breezy silhouette embolden with cheery colors and punchy print that can be styled to reflect summer merriment. Play up the pattern with similar hued accessories like neon shoes and bright plastic jewellery. Alternatively, you may add some balance to the bright print with neutral colours like tan shoes or mix metallic bracelets. Don’t have to be so bold if you don’t want to, go the understated route with fruit prints in subdued colours like off yellow or black, and if the fruit print is smaller it will not even look like a fruit print dress, so you can style as a regular print.

Fabulous fruity skirts and jeans: Amp the fashion quotient of your favourite blouses with snazzy skirts in fruit prints. Consider going flirty with skirts that have flounce like a skater skirt with lively banana print, and even crisp maxi or midi skirts in vibrant mixed fruit print is exceptional style to be worn for a glamorous setting. Solid colors work best to emphasize the bold patterns of the print, simply match the colour of your top with the highlight colour on your fruit print bottom for oomph.

Think about elevating your look by pairing the funky fruit print bottom with luxe accessories and neutral blouses, allowing the print to shine. Multi-hued skater skirts are ever so chic paired with classic blouses, form fitting corsets and graphic t-shirts. The same can be said for fruit print jeans, trousers or shorts. For a fun yet dressy night out look, put together a pineapple print jeans and a satin blouse. Platform sandals glam things up, as do gold fringed earrings. Next, grab a teal envelope clutch for a bold pop of color. Show off the earrings by putting your hair into a stylish side braid, then finish with a swipe of peachy lipgloss. 

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