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From minimalism to maximalism
August 22, 2016, 4:45 pm

For summer, step into a new avatar by shifting tastes from one extreme to the other - trends from two opposite ends of the style spectrum are sticking around: minimalism and maximalism. Last year, the minimalist look dominated but now get ready for the reemergence of maximalism. This trend is all about explosions of color and embroidery and those details on your clothing that allow you to stand out.

As minimal and maximal pieces are similar in many aspects, you also have the freedom to mix and match. Read on for details on how to spot and wear the best of the two extremes.

Choose statement-making dresses: Minimalism is all about sporting a piece with understated details, so when picking your dresses, focus on simple garments. For example, a slip-on silk dress goes a long way, especially with subtle details like a cinched waist or a sheer neck line. When making the switch to the maximalism trend, go all out, select a dress that has an eye-catching design. You can find plenty of in-your-face ensembles from velvet to sequins to brocade.

Jeans should have adornments: Stick to jeans in a darker shade for a more sophisticated edge, and ensure they are good quality. These type of denim jeans look clean and minimal when paired with the right top and accessories.

Transform your jeans to show off the maximalism trend with the right amount of detailing. With eye-popping embroidery or special additions like studs or zippers, cotton jeans are suddenly a statement piece.

Seconds layers say a lot: The minimalism trend requires attention to structure and quality of the outer garment. You can pick a sculptural coat in a single shade for a clean aesthetic. Alternatively, a billowy silhouette and a few notable details like contrasting buttons also make a perfect elegant coat that highlights how well you can do the trend.

Choosing a can't-miss-it print is like taking the express lane to maximalism, moreover, you can pair an oversized coat embellished with a vibrant print or excessive designs with any clothing in your wardrobe to look fantastic.

Fun with skirting options:  Minimalism isn't just reserved for boxy designs or strict structures, equally flattering is a single colored skirt boasting an asymmetrical cut or tulip shape. Just go for skirts in luxe fabrics that have modern cuts and are in neutral colors.

For the maximalism trend, you skirt should be bold and daring, take your pick of skirts with attitude. Patterned maxi skirts, those with sheer paneling or those with sculptural elements, like cascading ruffles, will have you feeling like a work of art — or at least put you in the mood for some weekend gallery-hopping.

Best of the blouse:  A perfect, slightly oversized blouse in white or black is what every wardrobe needs. One that features the right texture and interesting accents, provided you choose based on your personalized style and shape. Flattering clothes have the best fit.

For a minimalistic edge, all your blouse needs is a simple rounded neck and an all-over simple look, and the minimal highlights must extend to its sleeves and hem.

The maximalism trend means you maximize, you can choose to flaunt your fashionista side with a top that combines all the latest trends of the moment, like extra-long sleeves, metallic detailing, and out-of-the-box twists. There are few fashion triumphs greater than tackling three of-the-moment styles at once.


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