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Fresh and tasty Italian cuisine at Vapiano
March 21, 2015, 4:26 pm
A new culinary dining experience

A new dining concept that combines with tasty, healthy and fresh food, Vapiano, serves some amazingly delicious cuisine to guests who are looking for a fine dining Italian experience.

Located in the Grand Avenues, on the first floor, the restaurant has been widely frequented since its opening last year in June. Vapiano is not just about pizzas or pastas, but about a concept of freshness. Everything about Vapiano is related to freshness. From the basic ingredients to live cooking, freshness is ingrained into the preparation so that the true taste of the meal is enjoyed.

Vapiano Country Manager Jason D’Souza, who has more than a decade of experience in the food industry in Kuwait,  revealed that since their opening last June there has been a steady growth in their customer visits. The new concept has been received very positively and plans are on for opening more branches in select locations all over Kuwait.

The unique concept of ordering as you go with a smart card and the meal prepared in front of you gives guests total control over their meal preferences. Whether its adding more cheese or holding the tomatoes in your salad the choice and control is with the guest.

Simple preparations with fresh ingredients can go a long way in enhancing the taste and flavor and that is exactly what the Vapiano experience is about, revealed Jason. Symbolizing its name of taking life easy and relaxed, and living healthier and longer, Vapiano treats its guests in an ambience of well being and a design reflecting an olive tree.

Trained chefs who have perfected the art of preparation, boil, fry, stir, mix  and serve all in one go with amazing dexterity, giving the true meaning to the term ‘what you see is what you eat.’

While the pastas are clearly outstandingly delicious the pizzas are simply the best. The secret to this is the dough which is made in house as well as the sauces and so is fresh and perfect at the time of serving.

What is interesting to note is that even the raw pasta is made in house giving the right quality that Vapiano insists on. By making the raw ingredients themselves the Vapiano team controls the quality and taste of the food, delivering consistency meal after meal after meal.

While the menu is not an elaborate book of dishes, everything from pasta, pizza, salad and desserts indicate that even the dishes are selected and fine tuned for the guests preferences. To top up this culinary experience Vapiano is priced so reasonably that guests do not have to wait for an occasion to visit the restaurant.

- Staff Report

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