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Founder’s Day celebrated at Bhavans
September 6, 2015, 3:59 pm
Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes with the achievement of seemingly difficult tasks that demanded our best. Reveling in the glow of achievements, Bhavan (Indian Educational School) family celebrated the 9th Founder’s Day splendidly in the school auditorium on  4 September, 2015 as a mark of reverence to the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan institutions in the Middle East, N.K.Ramachandran Menon.
Founder and his Philosophy
Bhavan family celebrates Founder’s Day every year to reavow their dedication to the guiding principles of Bhavan as envisioned by the far-sighted visionary Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon, chairman, Bhavans Middle East, who introduced value-based education in the Arabian Peninsula in the year 2006 with the inception of Bhavan Kuwait, the maiden venture of Mr. Menon who firmly believes that education without inculcating values is futile. The private education scenario in the Middle East remained unacquainted with this philosophy until Bhavan institutions were brought to the arid shores of GCC. Bhavan’s philosophy met immediate success and today Bhavan houses more than 10,000 students across the GCC.
The presence of eminent personalities, Mrs. Rodha Mahmood, the Chairperson , Foundation of Hope, Mr. Sooraj Ramachandran, the Director, Bhavan Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Dr. Binumon, Principal , ICSK and Convener of Kuwait Chapter of the Gulf Council, and Kalyani Mukherjee added grace to the 9th Founder’s Day Celebrations.
The cultural evening was solemnized and sanctified with a prayer song rendered by the minstrels of IES. The ceremonial lamp was then conjointly lit by Rodha Mahmood, N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Sudha Ramachandran, Sooraj Ramchandran, and T.Premkumar.
The proud privilege to welcome the gathering was vested upon Lalitha Premkumar, the Vice Principal, KG and Primary wings. Floral bouquets of reverence were extended to the guests and special invitees by the school supreme council members.
The main attraction of the mega event was the variety of cultural events – a magical potion of dance, drama, music and many more presented with sheer grace and enchanting charm. The students and staff displayed their finest talent in front of an enthusiastic audience comprising parents, pedagogues, pupils and the family of the staff members of IES.  An invocation dance staged by the sprouting talents of Bhavan, performed in the style of ‘Kerala Nadanam’, garnered tons of appreciation from the audience.
The icing on the cake indeed was a spectacular balletic portrayal of ‘The Geethopadesha’. The epic was enlivened by the most talented students of Bhavan’s Rhythmscapes. More than 30 performers carefully sifted by the trainers of the dance academy, Bhavan’s Rhythmscapes, transcended the norms of aesthetic perfection and thereby transfixed the audience. The iridescent colors, the sheer elegance of dramatis persona truthfully and carefully portrayed by the prodigious performers set against the backdrop of the ‘Kurukshetra’ battlefield and sassy sound effects set the school auditorium on fire. The auditorium reverberated with ‘encore’ from the audience and the performers as well as the choreographers were rightly rewarded with a standing ovation for the splendid ballet ‘The Geethopadesha.’
A magical show by a young Bhavanite namely Aaditya Abdul of grade IV mesmerized the audience. A musical rendition by the talented twin brothers Kishore Raja and Kishan Raja (Grade 12), with Adwait Rajesh (Grade 7), and Neorah Sony (Grade 7) was indeed soul-soothing. They were accompanied on the drum pad and the ‘veena’ by Master Mihir Raj (Grade 7) and Sijitha Rajesh respectively.
The culmination of the cultural fiesta was marked with a fantabulous folk ‘rangoli’ dance performance ‘dhitang dhitang nache’ from the state of West Bengal by the versatile teachers much to the awe and appreciation of the audience.
T. Premkumar, Principal, in the presence of the Vice Principals and the heads of Bhavan’s Nursery Schools, on behalf of the Bhavan fraternity, presented a token of reverential gratitude to N.K. Ramachandran Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East. Mr. Menon exhorted the staff to utilize the immense opportunities available to them and grow professionally for the benefit of the society. His exhortation to ‘make a difference’ was reciprocated with rounds of applause.
Rajni Menon (Head of Bhavan’s Pearl Nursery, Rawdah) briefed the audience on the new venture of Bhavan. Jyoti Fatima, (HoD, French) recollected the initial days of IES. They attributed the success of Bhavan to the educational philosophy of its founder N.K.Ramachandran Menon, an exemplary educational philosopher, and its committed staff under the leadership of Mr. T. Premkumar, one of the most successful principals in the Middle East region.
Gopika Murali of grade 8 and  Aju Paul, a pioneer parent of IES, expressed their views on the ‘Midas Touch’ of the chairman as well as the dedication of the teachers.  Ebey Samuel, the spouse of Mrs. Asha Ebey ( HoD  Comp Science) shared with the audience the pain that the teachers take to live up to the expectations of the students, the parents and the management and the emotional support that their spouses ought to give them. A documentary about ‘Life at Bhavan, from a teacher’s perspective’ was also screened.
Charity Begins at Home
An amount of KD 800 was presented to Mrs.Rhoda Mahmood, the Chairperson, Foundation of Hope, by the school chairman. The amount was raised by the students of IES who forsook the luxury of their birthday celebrations as requested by the school management in an attempt to sensitize them to the needs of the less-privileged and mentally challenged children. The gesture was well-accepted by the parent community and the amount was raised within a few months. 
Mrs. Mahmood thanked the parents, students, teachers and the management for their philanthropic and humanitarian help extended to the less-fortunate children in general and the chairman in particular amid thunderous applause. 
In honor of their enthusiastic efforts, members of the staff were felicitated with mementos and certificates for completing five years of exemplary service, for offering their services as coordinators and for regularity in attendance.  Mr. Austin Antony (HoD, Physics), Mrs. Asha Ebey (HoD, Computer Science) and Mrs. Anita Sadananda (Vice Principal, Senior Wing, HoD, Commerce) who made the school proud by tirelessly preparing and producing toppers in Kuwait were also awarded certificates of appreciation for their dynamism and sincerity.
Mr. Premkumar, principal, IES proposed the vote of thanks. Miss Mary Christiane and Ms. Omaira Aslam were the emcees for the day.
The 9th Founder’s Day ended with a sumptuous buffet dinner hosted by the school chairman in honor of the parents, the invitees and the guests.
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