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Formation of the Reception Committee - Malabar Mahotsavam 2015
October 20, 2014, 2:47 pm

Kozhikode District NRI Association declared the KDNA’s most iconic program Malabar Mahotsavam 2015 which has designed to conduct on 27th February 2015 at Kallayi Kadavu, open ground of Indian Central School, Abbassiya and the convoluted Reception committee was formed for the smooth functioning of the curriculum on 15th October 2014 at Hi-dine Auditorium, Abbassiya.
The main aspiration behind the conduction of Malabar Mahotsavam is to build up relief and promote the charity activities of the association for the appropriate natives who are afflicted and oppressed in their day-today lives. The past history of KDNA always revealed as a helping hand for these inmates. To catalyze this phenomenon the requirement is fund is required and KDNA utilize this incomes from the Malabar Mahotsavam.

The reception committee meeting was full-fledged by the members and Suresh Mathur was nominated as the  Chairman, Zubair M.M as General Convener of reception committee. Sajeevan Kunnimal and Abdu Rahman kalathil were selected as Joint Conveners.
Other subcommittees of the Malabar Mahotsavam 2015 is headed by Ilyas Thottathil, Sameer Vellayil (Programs) Nasar Thikkodi (Media) Rafi Kallai (Celebrity & Guest) Shijith Kumar (Finance) Asees Palat (Sponsorship) Ubaid Chakkitakandy (Stage) Premraj Koroth (Venue & Gate) K Ali Koya (Raffle Coupon) Haneefa (Stall) Praju TM ( Light & Sound) Muhammed Vazhayil (Souvenir) Nipun Paul (Orchestra) Santhosh Nambayil (Ghoshayatra) Suhesh Kumar PV (Dance) Mohammed Ali Arakkal (Reception) Mansoor Alakkal (Volunteer) Karunakaran (Food) Anas Puthiyottil (Transport) Mohanraj Areekad (Publicity) Siddiq Nadukandy (Office) Sajitha Nassar (Henna Competition) Shahina Zubair (Cooking Competition)

Malabar Mahotsavam 2015  program constitutes the history generative  Photo Exhibition, Symposium, protuberant stalls, gorgeous Henna designing, delectable food competition and various cultural programs including official gatherings by the prominent dignitaries in and around & performances by various Artists from India & Kuwait. Beneath this the festival caters various tastes of delicious & mouthwatering Kozhikodan unique dishes, Charity bazaar.

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