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Focusing on Yourself
April 12, 2015, 12:13 pm

Women tend to neglect themselves. Their family, home, children, and parents – everyone is above them. Only then do they look at their needs and most of the time the needs are not met. There are so many women who have put other people ahead of them for years.

Somewhere along the way while creating a beautiful and comfortable life for others they have lost their way. Working, cooking, cleaning, managing, caring, finally takes its toll. Some of them develop headaches and body pain, while some have skin issues or some are simply tired. And yet they are all stuck in that cycle, unable to break free and look after their needs.

It is time for women to make small changes in their lives, so that they can learn to balance this act of life.

First and foremost, if a woman is feeling tired all the time and having mood swings get a medical check up done. Chances are there is a physical cause for these symptoms.

Focus on your breathing: Stress accelerates our breathing and leads to imbalance in our mind and body.

Take up a hobby: Join a yoga class, or learn to swim or simply join a library. Setting aside some ‘me’ time will release stress and ease the pressure of responsibilities.

Learn to prioritize: Focus on the most urgent task at hand and work on one thing at a time. Taking on too much can also cause havoc with your blood pressure.

And last, but not the least, enjoy time with family. Laugh, share and enjoy the small moments that bring joy to your life. It is time now to focus on yourself and live the life that you were meant to lead.

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