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Fluxo the truly Smart Lamp
December 27, 2015, 3:59 pm

Fluxo, a cool and unique crowd-funded light bulb can do all the color-changing magic you are accustomed to but it can also cast its light in various directions, including up at the ceiling and at specific corners of the room, depending on where you remotely direct it to.

The light is surprisingly compact but features a number of LEDs that can throw light in various configurations. The bulb is controlled via app and lets you choose the configuration instantly by sliding your finger around a representation of the Fluxo on your mobile app.

Unfortunately you cannot think of the $400 Fluxo as just a light bulb. Imagine it as a smart lamp that replaces your overhead lights entirely. It offers 2800 lumen RGBW light – that is red, green, blue, and white – and consists of multiple rings of LEDs above and below the lamp. It also turns itself on and off automatically when it senses motion and can be connected to almost any lighting arrangement.

The Fluxo, based in Vienna, Austria, is the invention of a team headed by Robert Kopka and Lukas Pilat and has several former Philips engineers on their board. The Fluxo is planned for a September 2016 shipping date.

While a $400 light bulb is a hard sell, a lamp like Fluxo is pretty compelling. It replaces your janky chandelier in one device and, because it is directional, you can create dramatic lighting effects and mood lighting in various colors.

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