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Flaunt your new gradient lips
November 29, 2015, 9:48 am

If you have not yet googled “Korean beauty trends,” then you have missed on something hot and new – gradient lip. The gradient lip is simply a way to use makeup to make your mouth look like you have been sucking on a watermelon Popsicle. It looks extremely natural when you use pink and red shades, or show stopping if you use colors like purple, blue, and green. While ombre lips have been around for a long time, the look and subtlety of this particular style has its own way.

This amazing style does not have to be done by a specialist. You can always do it at home and it is very easy to do.

Take your favorite concealer, base, or nude lipstick and use it to line the outside of your lips. Blend in the concealer or nude lipstick to make your lip line match your skin shade. It does not have to be perfect or precise.

Grab your favorite red or hot pink lipstick or lip tint and make a few light strokes on the middle of your bottom lip, close to the inside of your mouth. Do the same with your top lip.

Blend it in while using a brush, fingers, or a Q-tip. Then smack your lips together for good measure.

And finally there you have it. Your perfect cute gradient lips.

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