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Flaunt eyeliner on your lower lid
August 25, 2015, 12:50 pm

A bottom eyeliner is a huge hit among celebrities and fashionistas, and this is one beauty trend that is worth revisiting again and again. This unexpected way to sport liner not only makes your peepers pop, but it is an easy look to re-create—all you need is a pencil eyeliner or an angled liner brush with your choice of eyeshadow. If you are not sure where to start, check out these five ready-to-wear looks that you can pull off in a few simple swipes.

Classical kohl: This sooty kohl-black look is the most classic way to wear bottom eyeliner. Use a densely-pigmented kohl eyeliner to line your lower waterline, then drag a flat angled brush along your lower lashes, extending outwards with the slightest flick. Think of it as an upside-down cat-eye—instant impact.

Violet sweetness: Violet is a more interesting alternative to black or brown, and flatters all eye colors—especially darker ones. Pick a jewel-toned liner like a plummy violet and apply it right below your lower lash line, smudging it with a cotton swab or brush for a sultry look.

Pure pearl: The old trick of using white liner on your waterline to appear bright-eyed is still totally relevant, but this colorblocked update of white and blue gives it a cool, modern twist. Opt for a waterproof pencil when you are mixing these two colors.

Doe-eyed innocence: The best way to get daytime doe-eyes is lining your bottom lash line with soft brown liner. It looks the most natural but gives your eyes a hazily defined look with little to no effort. Just use a brown pencil liner or eye shadow stick and run it along your lower lashes (top too, if you are a stickler for symmetry). Smudge with your pinky or a cotton bud.

Rock hard: For an edgy statement-liner look, it is hard to ignore a trace of teal eyeliner look. Just extend a colored liner from your lower lid slightly outwards as well and do a sharp flick from your inner eye corner—it is pretty much the cat-eye of the future.


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