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Flattering feather skirts
November 22, 2015, 1:02 pm

Bring in some fresh touches to your wardrobe with a trendy feather skirt. Such an item is capable of turning even the most basic outfit into a gorgeous ensemble. Follow these tips to learn to style this striking number.

The casual day out: The beauty of a casual style is that it is easy to pull off with slouchy items, cute blouses and relaxed footwear.  Dress down your feather skirt with a trendy graphic sweat shirt and a white shirt – this combination goes well with any skirt in a light color. Alternatively, you can also try to style with button down shirts, t-shirts and maybe, play around with flannel.

Contrast the elegant touch of a feather skirt with the coolness of a plaid shirt; be amazed at how a plaid piece in rich colors perfectly lends a hint of zest to a plain feather skirt. Moreover, the outfit is complemented with a stylish pair of ankle straps in tan and a cute handbag in charcoal gray. The neutral colored accessories help to bridge the gap between masculine and feminine.

Make your casual attire sleek; find a classic shirt to tuck into your shiny black feather skirt, this combo is one way to wear a style that is striking yet less flashy.

Go party perfect:  Playing it safe might be easy, but trying something unique comes with its own rewards.  With a standout feather skirt in a bright shade, you can’t stop being the center of attention when you match it with a gorgeous embellished sweater.

In keeping with the party theme, another way to instantly dress up your feather skirt is to wear silky blouses or those types that ooze sophistication. To really ramp up the dressy factor of the skirt, go with a high collared or pussy bow silk blend blouse. Also, thrown on brilliant accessories like belts or collared necklaces to really emphasize the glamor.

Fun and fantastic: If you feel like creating something incredibly vibrant and unique, then you might want to go for bold colored pieces like an electric blue skirt. Bold feathery pieces, when paired with blouses that are multicolored or embellished in unique prints emphasize the beauty in the details and act as a resting spot for the eyes.

The modern leather edge:  One can argue that a black leather moto is the most worn piece in a fashionista’s closet. Tough and timeless, it makes any outfit look on point. For a modern take on this mainstay, opt for a cropped silhouette with a furry collar for your edgy feather skirt.

Other choices are chic leather jackets in different colors like pink or grey embellished with silver detailing, and probably even a leather blouse will do the trick. Really anything with leather accents can create a look stylists will obsesses about.

Be lady-like:  Neutral and candy coated feather skirts meet your girly sartorial tendencies and fulfill your interest in refined, ladylike ensembles.  The lady-feminine style is usually effortless — made up of those staples like delicate lace blouses, pastel colors, and fitted sophisticated vintage pieces. Simply select a blouse in a matching tone or a variation of the pastel shade to create a stunning effect.  

Mostly, follow a light color palette while picking out structural pieces that have feminine embellishments like fur, lace and ribbon. Double up on pink with a fluffy feather skirt and a pink crop top and structured blazer; or have fun with different shades and tones to keep your look exciting.


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