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Flats in winter
January 8, 2017, 2:40 pm

Many women tend to stay away from a pair of flats in the middle of winter cause it is just plain uncomfortable to leave your feet exposed like that. However, if you are a real fan of flats, no season — or the weather — will stop you from wearing them. Instead of not wearing flats once the temperatures drop, how about you learn to style them for winter.

Whether that means investing in a cute pair of socks or fancy tights, you can definitely stick to your favorite footwear option without freezing your toes off. Read on for ways to style your flats.

Invest in furry flats: Shoes that have some sort of faux-fur material in them are a good option for flat lovers in the wintertime. While moccasins are a likely choice, they don't really scream work appropriate. Thankfully, there is no shortage of furry shoes that are both stylish and sensible. That extra material really goes a long way in keeping your toes warm.

Wear flats with cute socks: Socks with flats is a tough style to pull off and you may think you can't do it. But, all you really need is the right combo. Don't go for chunky knitted socks; instead, find some thinner options perhaps with a cool design to pair with your flats.

Tights and flats are a foolproof combination:  Though wearing tights with flats is an obvious choice, if you really want to mix things up you can try tights in the same color as your shoe or a pair of fishnet tights. Challenge yourself to stay away from black tights and see what other options are out there.

Wear tie-up styles with your tights:  Some people may find tights make their foot slip out more often in flats and there is a quick solution to this problem. Simply wear flats with straps so you can tie it up and around your tights. Luckily, lace-up styles are also trendy this season, so you should have no problem finding the most stylish ways to dress up your flats.

Invest in a flat with more coverage like loafers: For a little more foot coverage, definitely go with a pair of loafers for wintertime. The extra material really does shield your feet from the cold, and if you want more warmth, go for a pair of socks.

Make sure your pants’ hemline covers your ankles: Once you have decided on the flats to wear and what to wear it with, make sure your pant's hemline covers your ankles. There is nothing worse than having both a cold ankle and cold toes. For example, flared trousers will come down lower on your foot than a pair of skinny jeans. This extra length will leave less of your foot exposed to the elements — which means that flared trousers are perfect for pairing with your favorite flats. If you really want to stand out, choose a pair in a bright color or a splashy pattern.


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