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Fix lipstick mistakes
May 8, 2016, 12:32 pm

Lipstick takes the No. 1 spot on the list of the bestbeauty products that a woman needs to feel special. It takes less than a minute to swipe on, and you need little else to feel pulled together. Depending on the shade, you can instantly portray unabashed confidence, vampy mystery, or a dalliance for all things quirky.

Many women definitely have had some mishaps when it comes to application, from a mortifying lipstick-on-your-teeth moment to a full clown mouth. To keep your lipstick game on point, here are some top tips and tricks, including how to make your color last for hours, feel comfortable, and of course, stay off those pearly whites.

Lipstick is running down your mouth:Translucent powder is a shiny girl's best friend. But while you already know it keeps oil at bay, you may not be aware of its multitasking prowess when it comes to lipstick. Dusting a bit of powder just over your Cupid's bow and on your chin will keep your color from straying throughout the day.

Sticking to just one coat:Granted, one of the best things about lipstick is that it requires minimal effort — just swipe and go.But when you are in need of extra staying power, layers and layers make it last. Apply your first coat of lipstick, then use just one ply of tissue to blot your lips. Dust on a bit of translucent powder with your finger or a brush. And repeat this with three to four more coats of lipstick. It is a bit excessive, but you will never have to deal with that sad rim of left-behind lipstick again.

Smudges on your teeth: Some women tend to get lipstick on their teeth in the most inopportune moments. The occurrence is mostly due to dry teeth or a dry mouth, but it also happens when you apply pigment too close to the inner rim of your lip. To avoid it, perform the lollipop test – simply wet a cotton swab with your tongue, suck on it like a lollipop and then pull it straight out. Your signature red lipstick will end up on the swab, rather than on your teeth.

Over-lining: There is a more natural-looking way to get the full-lipped effect, than overdoing it with a lip liner. Densely apply liner just in the center of your mouth, and finish with your favorite shade of lipstick.

Neglecting your balm:Lipstick may be your top beauty pick, but you should also choose some goodlip balm. Apply a dab in the middle of your top lips to reinvigorate matte or long-wear formulas. In addition to making your lips feel more comfortable, the boost of moisture also makes them appear instantly fuller.

Forgetting to exfoliate your lips: Your lips need the occasional sloughing, just like the rest of your face. Otherwise, dead skin will build up and your lipstick will end up a rough, bumpy mess. Treat your lips to a sugar scrub, two to three times a week. Or make your own with a mix of sugar and honey. In a pinch, you can run a toothbrush or damp washcloth over your lips until they are smooth.

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