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Five ways to invest in yourself as a business owner
August 21, 2017, 12:13 pm

The globalization of the internet has broken down barriers to information previously reserved for the uber elite. Today, a college diploma is not the key to success like it may have been years ago. The world has changed dramatically, but the education system has not caught up.

However, the world and business have never been more competitive. Therefore, investing in yourself has never been more important. There are ways to do it without spending a lifetime in debt and 4-plus years of your life. Here are a few ways you can do the same without racking up loans.

Take online courses: If you desire some sort of formal training or learning, there are plenty of free or inexpensive options online. Want to learn about being an entrepreneur in emerging economies? Interested in the fundamental principles of architecture? Harvard has these programs on their website at no cost. Want to work in entertainment and learn how to craft amazing stories? Pixar partnered with Khan Academy to inspire young women to get creative. Want to learn one of the most crucial skills in today’s job market? CodeAcademy will teach you how to code — for free. Online courses will help you grown your skillset, and that of your team in many different areas.

Listen to podcasts: A great way to pass the time in traffic or on a plane in an educational way is to expand your mind with free podcasts.  Listening to in-depth interviews with world class performers will change the way you think about life and how you are living it, while exposing you to subjects you may have never thought about before. It’s basically like having a mentor without ever meeting them in real life.

Read: It has never been easier to access books. You can purchase from a bookstore, Audible or Amazon, borrow from a library, or use free and legal public domain books from Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Google Play or iTunes. Set a goal. For example, try to read one book per month and work up to a book a week to become a more educated, well-rounded person.

Have a game plan: Writing a future you resume (or LinkedIn profile) does wonders in motivating you to follow your dreams. It helps you visualize who you want to become and the steps to take to get there. Write it down, figure out what you need to do to accomplish your goal, and most importantly, get started.

Travel:  Travel is the single most important thing to do if you want to grow as a person and experience other cultures. Travel teaches tolerance, independence and confidence. While travel can be expensive, experiences are a good way to spend money and there are many ways to cut costs depending on where you are visiting. Letting work or the fear of falling behind at your job get in the way of an adventure once in a while is a recipe for stress and being stuck in a life you do not want.


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