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Five Filipinos succumbed to death in span of month; Embassy closely monitors cases
November 1, 2014, 12:52 pm

Five Filipino nationals in Kuwait succumbed to death in the month of October as per media interview by The Times Kuwait with Charges D’ Affaires Atty. Raul Dado, Vice Consul Sheina Tesorero and Assistant to the Nationals Unit Supervisor Ramon Nerida. The incident which CDA Dado called isolated incident triggered concern on the safety of Filipinos in the country.

In an interview with The Times Kuwait, CDA Dado said that five isolated cases of death of Filipino nationals include two vehicular accidents, one suicide by poisoning and two jump-offs from balcony; all cases are currently under investigations.

CDA indentified the victims of vehicular accidents as Daniel Tiro, who fell asleep in a public bus while it sped and hit another car leading to Tiro suffering a severe head trauma. The bus driver is currently facing investigations. The other victim was Melanie Canillas who, while crossing a street in front of Bairaq Mall, was hit by a speeding car. Canillas died on the spot, while driver was detained and is facing charges.

Other cases involved a house-helper, Ana Liza Montevilla, who was reported suffering from depression and committed suicide by drinking Clorox. Joanna Ejansantos, another house-helper was reported by her employer as suffering from mental illness or possession of evil spirit. Ejansantos jumped from the 17th floor of her employer’s building while she was alone in the house.

The last case, and the most controversial, was that of Joselma Villapando, who was working with a salon. The social media captured footages of her fall and it went viral online. Different opinions and reports have circulated within social media as many believed she was pushed from the 4th floor by another person who was having an argument with her prior to her fall. Investigations are currently being conducted and officials from the Philippine Embassy are closely monitoring the cases.

Vice Consul Sheina Tesorero commented that the series of deaths were isolated cases and not correlated with each other and that the embassy treats each case individually. ATNU Supervisor Nerida warned the public however to refrain from posting different stories and hearsays and wait for the results of the investigations. Wrong information posted on social media cause alarm and concern from families of Filipino workers in Kuwait.

CDA extended his condolences and sympathy to the families of the Filipinos who succumbed to death in the month of October and assured everyone that the embassy in cooperation with the Philippines Department of foreign Affairs are doing their best to immediately resolve the cases and repatriate the remains to the Philippines. “The embassy is saddened by these incidences and our legal team is closely monitoring the development of the cases. The embassy will ensure that adequate attention is given to each case and receive due justice to the victims should foul plays have been proven committed,” ended CDA Dado.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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