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Fitness trainers and Zumba fanatics gather to dance for a cause
November 10, 2016, 11:13 am

Fitness trainers from different gyms and health clubs with Zumba lovers gathered Friday morning at Failaka Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel to raise funds for Shullet Honeylet, a one year old with Down syndrome and suffering from a congenital heart disease and will need an immediate heart operation. The one hour and half Zumba dance for a cause presented twelve instructors and with an attendance of nearly a hundred fitted well in regular size hall.

'A Dance for Honeylet', organized under the patronage of  Ida Pellaud wife of the General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, mentioned in her brief message before the event; “I thank everyone for coming and making this noble cause happen, even if our contribution maybe small but a drop of water can cause huge ripples. May this initiative create more funds for Honeylet’s operation and we thank her for giving us chance to be a part of her journey towards a healthy future”.

The fun Zumba workout kicked off with Melrose Antonio of Flex Health Club backed up by Leo Capiendo, Maria Mendoza and Albert Pinos. The ten minutes warm up was immediately followed by Ga See Marie of Stretch Gym backed up by Ces De Guzman of Mabroor Gym and Jana Pinos.

Among the other presenters were Louie Tepace and Robert Serrano of Oxygen Gym with Maria Suzette of Steam Gym. Sofie Omar of Boxhill College, Helen Rahi of Marina Hotel, Mynnah Digdigan of Champions, Janice Capili and Anne of Pilates and More and Zara of ZPavano. Good number of attendees from Champions and ZPavano showed their support. Songs of the 90’s were chosen to create the theme for the charity event.

“It feels so blessed to be part of this event and be able to help in our little way,” commented Sami Behbehani, a Zumba lover who also donated generous amount. Series of video messages were sent to Honeylet and with wishes for her quick recovery.

Prior to the event a video message was sent by Honeylet’s mother thanking The Gym Team for its initiative to raise funds for her daughter’s operation. The Gym Team wishes to thank Michelle Santiago of ABS CBN for her recommendation to place Honeylet as the beneficiary for the dance for cause. The Gym Team also received used clothes and toys donations from donors prior to the start of the event. The Gym Team wishes to invite everyone on Friday November 11 at 8 in the morning to come to Qadsia Karate Hall located at the back of The Sultan Center in Hawally as it collaborates with ZPavano Zumba Team for an hour of fun workout.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff writer


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