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First overseas Goan Director to stage silver jubilee
May 9, 2017, 1:33 pm

A number of passionate Goan directors based abroad have staged dramas back home in Goa, which is no easy task living abroad. Jose Rod, and late Rosary Ferns have been among the most successful overseas dramatists in drawing large audience back in Goa, maintaining high standards, and upholding the reputation of expatriate Goans as stellar.

Among the current directors, Kuwait-based Goan Domnic Fernandes, hailing from Raia, has done extremely well especially with his tiatr ‘Maim Pai Tim Maim Pai’. The drama, which had 24 shows organized all over Goa recently, is now all set to stage the Silver Jubilee show in Kuwait.

‘Maim Pai Tim Maim Pai’, apparently based on a true story from Kuwait, is made up of some well-known Goan artistes and a crew of some uncut diamonds, while many Kuwait stars and musicians will feature in the 25th show scheduled for 19  May at Salmiya Indian Model School (SIMS).

Expressing his happiness on the success of the drama, Shri Domnic stated, “I hope the message portrayed in the drama reaches far and wide especially for people working abroad, which has been my main aim in producing ‘Maim Pai Tim Maim Pai’.”

Domnic’s career

Domnic’s last drama ‘Amchem Khoim Chukta Sodun Kadd’, a tiatr with a solid theme and dialogues was also staged all over Goa during the monsoon of 2014. The reception was overwhelming positive, with rave reviews given to the script, comedy and songs from almost every Goan newspaper, magazine, TV media and people who saw it.

The drama was later released on DVD format. On the eve of yet another achievement, Domnic shared his optimism in his vision to uplift Konkani language and art in projects to be undertaken in the near future.

“With the encouragement I receive from Goan friends and well-wishers especially in Kuwait, I am inspired to do much more for Goa and the Konkani language,” says the ever humble director

About Domnic Fernandes

Dominic Fernandes has an inherent passion for dramas, acting and singing. He began acting and directing dramas at a tender age of 14 years. His first drama was ‘Dothiche Axek Lagon’.  He later went on to stage ‘Piso’, ‘Dukh’, ‘Posro’ (23 shows) among others all over Goa.

Under DA Production, he also wrote and directed ‘Zomnivele Khell’ during Carnivals for 5 consecutive years. The first play was directed when he was just 17 years old in the late ‘80s, he also acted in Khell of Milagres de Ganapoga (Raia).

Grandson of the famous (San Joao), and born to Joao and Pedrinha, Domnic is happily married to Concy Cardozo and has 2 kids – Danisha Jewel and Chrisanne Pearl.

Domnic has been working in Kuwait since 2001 and is strongly involved in supporting church activities, Konkani language and drama.

The passionate director has travelled to Bahrain and Dubai to sing in shows and remains one of the most popular figures in his community.

Domnic is president of the popular Kuwait Konknni Mogi (KKM), an organization that has been enriching the Konkani language and supporting dramas among Goans for quite some years now. Along with KKM, Domnic has been instrumental in presenting regular Konkani shows in Kuwait in the last 5 years.

The Goan Community in Kuwait wishes Domnic all success for the Silver Jubilee show of ‘Maim Pai Tim Maim Pai’.

-by Gasper Crasto

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