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First halal nail polish launched in time for Ramadan
June 8, 2014, 12:24 pm

The first halal certified nail polish in the Middle East was launched on 2 June in time for the holy month of Ramadan.

BCI Group created the product to cater to Islamic prayer needs, which requires women to remove their nail polish before praying five times a day so that the water can contact their skin during wudu, which is the process of washing parts of the body before prayer time. This new brand of nail polish, ‘H’ by BCI group, provides increased water permeability which allows water to penetrate through the nails.

“We are extremely pleased with this new launch in the UAE. The Emirati nail polish will now add a touch of vibrancy to the routine manicure of women, which can stay for as long as they want,” said Kawthar Makahlah Al Shamsi, founder of the BCI Group. Currently available in white, black, red, blue, nude and gold, ‘H’ by BCI group promises to add a wide range of classic and unique shades each season.

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