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First ‘Summit Conference’ to enhance quality of education at ICSK
September 26, 2016, 5:43 pm

The First ‘ICSK Summit Conference’ to enhance quality of education was held at the Indian Community School Kuwait on 22 September, 2016. ‘Summit – Conference’ 2016 was attended by the members of the Board of the Trustees, Principals and Vice Principals of all the branches of ICSK, the heads of departments, Assistant heads of departments and academic supervisors.

Honorary Treasurer S. N. Raju welcomed the gathering and introduced the members of the Board. Honorary Secretary A. Amer Mohammed delivered the keynote address and spoke about the need to be creative to enhance the quality of education. He exhorted all the stakeholders to work together for the upliftment of ICSK. He further requested for an active involvement of parent community and also stressed the need for teachers to be techno savvy

Honorary Vice-Chairman Mr. Vinukumar Nair and Honorary Joint Secretary Agnelo A. S. Fernandes, in their felicitation addresses, reiterated that the foremost objective of the present members of the Board of Trustees is to safeguard the interests of the students of the Indian community and to ensure that they are provided with high quality education and facilities.

Senior administrator and Principal of ICSK Senior Dr.V.Binumon was the moderator for the conference. He urged the teachers to not only be efficient but also effective. He initiated the discussion on excellence in education at ICSK.

All the members of the august gathering actively participated in the discussion. Principals, Vice-Principals, Heads of Departments, assistant heads of departments and academic supervisors shared their valuable thoughts about enhancing the quality of education. Among other ideas, it was stressed that moral values should be instilled in students so that they grow up into empathetic and sympathetic human beings. The importance of cultivating good reading habits in students was also emphasized. The teaching fraternity was urged to be impartial towards the students.

Honorary Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rahman, in the vote of thanks, said that the present Board is committed to support the school to reach greater heights and has been instrumental in making several changes to uplift the school. He also agreed to look into the matters raised by the participants. He thanked all the attendees for their presence and for actively participating in the discussion.

It was indeed a major step towards enhancement of quality in education at ICSK through active discussion and healthy exchange of ideas.


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