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First Kuwaiti appointed to head International Court in The Hague
October 21, 2013, 1:29 pm

Tareq Yousef Al Shumaimry, was recently appointed as the President of the International Court Financial and Administrative Committee at the permanent headquarters of the International Court of Justice, Peace Palace – The Hague. Al Shummamri was also appointed as the Executive Committee and Budget Supervisor at the headquarters which includes 120 countries, making Kuwait the first Arab and Asian country to hold such a post.

Kuwait was selected last year for the first time through its representative, Al Shumaimry, as Financial and Administrative Committee member. This year he was elected as President of the committee.

“This is such a great success to Kuwait’s foreign affairs policies, Kuwait’s Ambassador to The Hague Hafith Al Ajmi stated, congratulating Al Shumaimry for securing this prestigious post.

Al Ajmi expressed his happiness that one of Kuwait’s sons has been appointed to carry on the responsibility at the International Court which made him proud of his country’s foreign policy to hold such international positions that add to Kuwait’s history.

Commenting on his selection as President of the committee, Al Shumaimry  said that it is an honor for Kuwait to be the first Arab and Asian country to hold these positions in the International Court especially since in the past only members from Europe and USA held them since the court was established over a hundred years ago in 1899.

Al Shumaimry concluded by thanking H E Sheikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah, Kuwait’s minister of foreign affairs and Sharida Al Mouasharji, Minister of Justice,  Kuwait Ambassador at the Hague Hafith Al Ajmi and all the embassy staff for their full support to Kuwait’s young leaders to hold such international posts which reflects positively on Kuwait’s image and role internationally.

Kuwait joined the International Court in 2003, which is an affiliate to the United Nations and one of the most important justice pillars with its 120 members.

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