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Firefox launches Focus for ad-free browsing on Android
July 2, 2017, 3:51 pm

In answer to the desire by many consumers for greater internet privacy, Firefox has just released an Android version of its private browser Firefox Focus with ad blocking built in at the core. Over the years the need for greater internet privacy has been growing; concerns over privacy were further exacerbated by recent leaks from WikiLeaks on NSA spying, identity theft and more.

Firefox Focus blocks ads by default, allowing a seamless experience. It runs smoothly and is intuitive to use. Its default search engine is Yahoo, but, fortunately, users can change it to Google or the engine of their choice. Firefox claims that by blocking ads and ad trackers, the browser can help users browse faster and save money on their data plans.

The Android version also has additional features compared to the previously released iOS version: a counter listing the number of ads blocked so far, an option to disable the tracker blocker, and a notification reminder that Firefox is still running. Firefox Focus also blocks screenshots by default in stealth mode on Android, but not on iOS.

This mobile release comes just days after Firefox updated its browser to version 54, which includes a speed boost and more processing power, signaling how Mozilla is ramping up its game against competitors.


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