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Fire in Al-Maqwa poses no danger to public health - KOC
April 24, 2018, 9:00 am

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) said that the fire, which erupted in the early hours today in Al-Maqwa area due to oil leak, is still under control and posed no threat on public health.

KOC said in a statement to KUNA, after careful review to the site of the incident, they assured all that there are no health risks to the public and KOC workers.

It added the fire is 750 meters away from the leakage, affirming that the decision to remain in the site for monitoring the situation is one of the basic procedures taken in similar situations. KOC also asserted the fire did not affect the operations of combating leakage, nor anyone was hurt during the accident.

KOC added production remains normal, and specialized teams has managed to put the fire under control from the start.

Source: KUNA

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