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Fines on abandoned vehicles, littering and spitting
December 11, 2018, 4:12 pm

Supervisor of General Cleaning Department at the Kuwait Municipality branch in the Capital Governorate Jamal Al-Fadhli has issued a warning stating that abandoned vehicles parked on State properties will be impounded and parked in the Municipality garage, and cost the owner fines of up to KD100.

Al-Fadhli revealed that the Municipality follows the following procedure of first issuing a warning to the owner of the car before impounding it, and placing an ‘x’ mark sticker on the abandoned cars for 72 hours, but it is 24 hours if the cars parked on State properties is up for sale. He stated that the abandoned cars will then be towed to the Municipality garage and the inspector will take down details of the vehicle.

The owners, he said, on being notified should present proof of ownership when claiming the impounded vehicles at the center where the car was impounded, and there he will be issued the citation for KD100 fine or be referred to the courts.

Al-Fadhli specified that the fees involved in towing and transferring the vehicles are different based on the type of vehicle with KD 30 for a saloon car, KD 40 for a half lorry and KD 100 for heavy vehicles. He added that a payment of KD 1 per day is mandated for parking in the garage. He said after a three-month period from the date of impounding the car, the Municipality will sell the vehicle in a public auction.

He gave an assurance the Municipality takes care of impound vehicles, ensuring that its condition is maintained by noting all observations about the exterior of the car. He pointed out that Shuwaikh Industrial Area has the highest number of neglected cars due to the presence of several garages in the area. He also revealed that the department has a plan in the works to impound neglected vehicles throughout the country at various stages.

In similar news, Public Sanitation and Road Works Department Director at the Kuwait Municipality branch in Hawally Governorate Dr. Saad Al-Jillawi said offenders caught throwing cigarette butts or spitting on the streets will be immediately hit with a KD5 fine.

He mentioned that on the discovery of water leakages from air conditioning units, some commercial shopkeepers were obliged to pay fines reaching KD300 while the reconciliation order fee was to the tune of KD100.

He disclosed that the Kuwait Municipality was ordered to carry out a cleaning campaign in Barayeh Salem in Salmiya, and as the grace period has ended, 89 camps have been removed which were pitched illegally.

The Municipality in cooperation with the Interior Ministry will continue to remove camps found to be noncompliant with the rules and regulations. Meanwhile, the Hawally Municipality in cooperation with Central Emergency Team and General Cleaning Department has combed the Al-Sadek area and food from the hawkers discovered to be unsuitable for consumption was confiscated.

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