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Fines for water wastage – Rationalization stressed
September 19, 2018, 9:01 am

Director of Energy Efficiency and Rationalization at the Ministry of Electricity and Water Engr Iqbal Al-Tayyar revealed about the ongoing cooperation with the Fatwa and Legislation Department to introduce fines for wastage of water and impose them on those who use water randomly for washing foyers and houses.

In a press statement, Engr Al-Tayyar said the ministry is coordinating with the Fatwa and Legislation Department to introduce the fines in order to cement the importance of rationalizing the use of water, especially since the cost for producing fresh water is increasing.

The director indicated that the ministry responded to the requests of cooperative societies to organize awareness campaigns to affirm the importance of rationalization in the consumption of energy and water using latest technology inside the houses.

Engr Al-Tayyar revealed that the energy efficiency team visited Fintas Cooperative Society, and will visit Ishbiliya Cooperative Society followed by the cooperative societies in Hawally and Capital governorates.

“The ministry is coordinating with the transportation authority to visit the ministry complexes in Jahra Governorate, Liberation Tower, Jaber Al-Ali and Farwaniya to spread awareness about rationalization of energy.

The past visitations resulted in positive response on energy production, especially during the peak consumption period in summer,” she added. Engr Al-Tayyar also disclosed about cooperation between Ministry of Electricity and Water and Ministry of Education to avoid some observations seen in certain schools such as wastage of water when watering the gardens inside the schools, and damages caused to some meters, as well as use of the meters room for storing junk items. She explained that the energy efficiency team visited some schools at the start of the new academic year.

They noted the temperatures in the class rooms, and saw that some of them were very cold due to which the windows were left open. On the other hand, some other classrooms were very hot as the air conditioning units were not operating properly.

She added, “There is wide resentment within the parents circles concerning the inability of Ministry of Education to set proper temperature in the class rooms due to the fact that some students suffer from asthma. This prompts intervention from officials of the ministry to solve such technical problems in the schools, and respond to the demands of the parents in this regard.”

Source: Arab Times

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