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Finding the perfect waterproof mascara
May 18, 2014, 11:19 am

Waterproof mascara accentuates the eyes while staying in place without smudging or smearing when exposed to moisture.

Choose the best: Good waterproof mascara provides smudge-proof color while keeping lashes soft and full. It has a smooth, creamy consistency that does not dry out. Many products add a flattering curl upon application because waterproof mascara is lighter than other types. For maximum curl, look for a product that does not volumize.

Check the formula: Waterproof mascara comes in different formulas to lengthen, volumize, and condition lashes. To achieve more natural results, look for products that keep lashes soft and individual without clumping. The most versatile choices build up easily with multiple coats so that the wearer can customize application.

Mascara types: There are two main types of waterproof mascara. Conventional waterproof mascara uses waxes and fat-based emollients to coat lashes with a pigment that does not mix with water. Tubing mascara uses polymer technology to individually coat each lash with a film of pigment that dries waterproof. The tubing repels water like a raincoat and stays in place until it is washed off. This type of mascara can help protect lashes and skin because it does not require potentially drying makeup removers or rubbing the eye area.

Sensitive Eyes: Look for products that are labeled hypoallergenic or for sensitive eyes. Allergy sufferers can benefit from waterproof mascara because it stays in place and is less likely to smudge into the eye or on delicate skin. Some hypoallergenic products are even labeled safe for contact lens wearers.

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