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Final decision on Kurdistan independence referendum Sunday - Barzani
September 24, 2017, 8:57 am

Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani will deliver an address Sunday on the final decision whether the Kurdistan independence referendum will be held as scheduled on September 25 or not, said a statement by the Presidency Saturday.

A source at the Presidency indicated that Barzani, who is under regional and international pressure, would be holding a press conference to make a decision on the matter.

Speaking at a rally in support of the referendum in Irbil, Barzani said that the Kurdish people are determined to choose their own destiny, affirming that there was no chance to postpone the historical event.

The Kurdish leader also called for ceasing requests to postpone or terminate the vote. After the referendum, discussions with Baghdad will continue, stated Barzani who indicated that dialogue had preceded the referendum and will continue in the future.

The UNSC, the US, the central Iraqi government, as well as many other regional and international players have voiced serious concerns over the September 25 referendum, saying that it might lead to regional instability and also would affect efforts against the so-called Islamic State (IS).

Source: KUNA

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