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Filipinos head to the polls to elect new president, Duterte strong among OFWs
April 9, 2016, 4:12 pm

Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait headed to the polls today at the Philippine Embassy in Faiha to elect the country’s new president. The Overseas Absentee Voting is a voting program designed for Filipinos living and working abroad that allows them to cast their votes within a month’s time prior to the actual national election in the Philippines.

The Philippine Embassy premises opened at 8 in the morning for voters, with an estimate of at least a thousand. Embassy personnel were prepared to receive the voters along with ten voting stations and machines to read the results of the votes, brought especially from the Philippines. Although there were four candidates that are running for the seat of the president yet only one camp located adjacent to the embassy premises was visible campaigning for the candidate.

Ten polls were available for the voters. Each voter presents his or her ID and was given a ballot, the voter then proceeds to the poll and chooses the candidates, in a matter of few minutes, the voter proceeds to the machine and feeds in the paper, in seconds, a result similar to that of a receipt is printed by the machine, which reads the choices. The receipt is given to the voter to counter check and affirm the votes and the same receipt is deposited to a container. 

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Popular Mayor of Davao City and presidential candidate Rody Duterte’s supporters filled the initial hours of the embassy, a camp was set adjacent to the embassy, and supporters chanted his name to Filipinos arriving in the place. In an interview with a supporter of Duterte, Chef Antonio explained, “There is no one else who OFWs will choose but Duterte. We want our families secure and safe from crimes and we believe in the change he has promised. OFWs decision in Kuwait is one in saying that there is only one president of us and that is Duterte”.

To add Raz Sauradjan of OFW Agila Movement in Kuwait said that the call for change is evident and that OFWs have no choice. “We have tried all sorts of presidents, many of us have labored for years and the government and economy have remained as corrupt. Now we find a new hope with Duterte and we believe the whole Philippines share our sentiments. Duterte will definitely win,” commented Sauradjan.

Thousands of Filipinos are expected to turn up and vote in the coming weeks until the 9 May when Philippines hold its national election. “The votes of the Overseas Filipino Workers are essential and their voices need to be heard, it is their national duty as well to choose the right person to lead the country and we should not take them for granted, with full consideration that the OFWs are the biggest contributor to the economy of the country,” commented Labor Attaché Atty. Cesar Chavez Jr. 

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nornisa musa tahir  Posted on : August 28, 2016 4:31 am
hi presidet humingi po ako ng tulong dahil passport ko
Hindi maka renew ksi daw may kapangalan ako at lahat
ng katunayan na akin ang passport ko taga embasy dito
ayaw nila ako paniwalaan lahat naman e ni request nila
ducomment galing sa pinas pinadala ng nanay ko sa kuwait
pls lng po presidet i really really need ur help a soon as possible
number ko po sa kuwait +965-67707362 i hope u can help me

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