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Filipino Body Builders win major prizes in body building competition
October 29, 2017, 10:43 am

Several Filipino trainers and coaches won major prizes in the recent National Amateurs Body Builders Association in Kuwait held on 20 October in Kuwait. Twenty seven Filipino trainers from different gyms competed in the said annual contest and won several major prizes. The event was organized and sponsored by Ras Al Salmiyah Gym.

Categories from The World Fitness Federation include: Junior Men (23 Years and Under), Men Over 50, Male Sports Model , Men’s Fitness, Men’s Performance, Men’s Athletic, Men’s Superbody, Men’s Extreme, WFF Pro Men  and Bermuda Beach Model. Winners of some of the categories were Marlon Garganera on top ten finalists of Men’s Physique, Greg Obina – 4th Palce Men’s Physique, Richard Carolino - Gold Medlaist, Pro Card Awardee - Men’s Fitness Category, Jordan Bravante Catoner - Silver Medalist, Ernir Rubio, Gold Medalist and Pro Card Awardee –Men’s Athletic and 5th Place WFF Professional Men, Allan Bayoco, 5th Place Masters Category and Emmanuel Galicia, Bronze Medalist –Master’s Division Kuwait Cup 2017.

President of Fitness Professionals and Body Builders Committee in Kuwait Emmanuel Galicia told The Times that the event was an outstanding platform for Filipino trainers to showcase their world class physiques and avail of opportunities to participate in international competitions. Many of the competitors have undergone strict diets and rigid daily routines in the gym.

“The training and diet programs these body builders go through prior to the competition can take as much as six months to prepare and the sacrifice they go through is admirable and inspirational for others to be able to achieve the ideal physique for competition. They have to balance between work and maintaining their training for one great reason that they carry their country’s flag during the competition,” said Rowille Catacutan.

Filipino trainers are from different health and fitness clubs in the country. Competitors would like to thank Ras Salmiyah Gym for solely sponsoring such prestigious event, colleagues for their support and families for their encouragement. Several of the winners are scheduled to compete internationally in coming weeks. 

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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