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Filipina blogger launches book about OFWs difficulties abroad
August 22, 2015, 12:47 pm

Grace Hizon, A Filipina blogger in Kuwait launched her very first book ‘The Global Filipino Bloggers – OFW Edition Book’ Friday afternoon at the Embassy of the Philippines. The presence of the Ambassador of the Philippines Renato Pedro Villa, Consul General Atty. Raul Dado, Labor Attaché Atty. Cesar Chavez, Filipino bloggers and members of different Filipino organizations in Kuwait graced the said occasion.

In a brief interview, Ms. Hizon stated that the book is compilation of articles written by different bloggers and writers within and out of Kuwait. The articles are testimonies that detail the struggles of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) worldwide.

Ms. Hizon added that the book is a tribute to OFWs around the world who work resiliently through daily trials, and bear the emotional sacrifice of leaving their families to work abroad.

“The book is a must for every Filipino to read for both who work overseas and their families back home. This is a milestone for OFWs families to better understand the situations of their families who work hard abroad”. The book currently is currently available for sale in Kuwait, but will be online soon for those who may want to purchase it. Ms. Hizon thanked the embassy, and labor officials for supporting her project and urge the community to continuously share their stories that can further uplift and inspire other Filipinos worldwide. It took two and half years for Hizon to finish the book.

Ambassador Villa highlighted the development of communication throughout the years and how the OFWs ways of communicating with their families back home have bought the families closer together amidst distance and time. He congratulated Ms. Hizon for taking the initiative to come up with such a project. The envoy also added stressed that OFWs must use blogging in a positive manner by sharing their personal experiences and inspire people and not become a channel where disputes are aired and published.

To add, Consul General Atty. Dado said that the book launch is the very first one in Kuwait and thanked those who contributed to the completion of Hizon’s project and lauded the Filipino bloggers for providing information to OFWs. He hopes that the bloggers will continue to live up to the service of OFWs. Labor Attaché Atty. Chavez also delivered a brief remark on the occasion; “This is a very positive way for an OFW to spend his time while working abroad and he hopes that OFWs will continue to inspire each other. He also congratulated Ms. Hizon for the launch of her book in Kuwait.

Among the other highlights of the occasion was the distribution of certificates of appreciation to the sponsors and organizations. The book was also signed by the contributing bloggers and later, presented to the Philippine Ambassador. Entertainment included singers from Rap Infantry group and the event was hosted by Lyza Pajo and John Lozano.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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