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Filipina and Bhutan nationals hit by a company van urge embassies assistance
May 26, 2018, 3:55 pm
Company refuses assistance, police asks for representations as medical bills pile up

A Filipina and her colleague, a Bhutan national, were hit by a speeding company delivery van as both were crossing Salmiya’s Muguerra Street on the evening of 20 May. Bhutan national suffered a head trauma, wounds and bruises while Filipina suffered a fractured knee and arm and will require surgery and rehabilitation. The company’s human resources refused to assist as the accident occurred after working hours and the police station refused to accommodate complaints as representatives are required.  Victims complain of soaring unpaid medical bills as company pressures both to resume work immediately.

In a bizarre incident, a group of workers were crossing the street on Sunday evening from a breaking of fast occasion held at one their colleagues’ home. “The street was not busy, the car stopped to give way for us to cross the street but as we were crossing a speeding van overtook and hit my colleagues. My Bhutanese colleague staggered for a few meters and then sat down on the ramp while the Filipina, half-conscious, was placed on the pavement until cars were alerted of the accident. It took nearly half an hour before the ambulance arrived and both were rushed to the Mubarak Hospital,” stated a companion who was present during the incident and witnessed the accident. 

Police came to the scene and took the Egyptian driver to the police station where presumably the incident was filed. The company operations manager was immediately informed of the incident but the human resources claimed that the company will not be able to extend further assistance as the accident occurred after working hours.

The Bhutanese national suffered a head trauma, wears a neck brace and has wounds and bruises on her leg and the Filipina needs an operation on her knee where screws will be required to stabilize the leg as well a broken arm.

“I’m very worried about my hospital bills, I can’t afford to pay all these bills and I am hoping my company can extend some help or at least provide extended medical leave so I can recuperate, but we have been asked to report for work immediately. I am worried if I don’t comply, I will lose my job. I have asked the embassy to help me get represented at the police station so part of the expenses hopefully can be shouldered by the driver,” said the Filipina victim. Report of the incident has been submitted to the Philippine Embassy Assistant to Nationals and the victim awaits their response. The Bhutanese victim incident report has been submitted to the Bhutan Embassy. Bhutan Ambassador assured the national that assistance will be given and action will be taken immediately.

Russel Ocampo Assistant to Nationals of the Philippine Embassy told the Times Kuwait that they have received the report and will look into the matter with urgency.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer
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