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FilCom gather to celebrate success over Philippine Labor Secretary’s visit to Kuwait
December 14, 2014, 10:55 am

Sixty eight organizations and members of Filipino Community (FilCom) gathered to celebrate the success of the recent visit to Kuwait of the Philippine Secretary of Labor and Employment Rosalinda Baldoz. Charges D’ Affaires Atty. Raul Dado and spouse Chelsie Dado with the Labor Attaché Atty. Cesar Chavez and spouse Gwen Chavez graced the said occasion.

The event that was well represented by officers and members of different organizations held a brief program where both embassy officials delivered messages to thank the group and provide updates. CDA Dado explained the formation of Tripartite Team that will involve government, Filipino organizations and private recruitment agencies. The functions of the team include assessment, receiving and handling of Overseas Filipino Workers and removal from employers’ custodies, coordinate actions for the requests, case monitoring, and identification of gaps in rescue operations and suggest recommendations to the embassy.

Labor Attaché Chavez also disclosed POLO and OWWA next year’s line-up of new guidelines and implementations to further protect workers‘rights. Both officials lauded FilCom for their efforts and extended the Philippines Secretary’s message. “The Philippine Secretary was overwhelmed with the turn-out of OFWs so much so that she spent some extra time to listen further and talk to the groups. She preferred to have lunch with you all and that was how she wanted to express her gratitude for your warm welcome. The Philippine secretary wants me to convey to you how thankful she is and she urges everyone to continue to be extended arms to both the Embassy and labor department” commented Labor Attaché Chavez.

Welfare officer Nestor Burayag, Adviser Pastor Gil Bantugan, TROPA President Xavier Hernandez, Chairpersons Claire Constantino, Oliver Diong and Arthur Tabunda also delivered brief messages to mark the thanksgiving occasion. GMA 7 News Correspondent in Kuwait and Journalist of the Times Kuwait Ricky Laxa was also given an opportunity to talk about the charity advocacies involving the shelters of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait.

Adviser of FilCom Pastor Gil Bantugan also commended on the hard work each organization has contributed to ensure the success of the events and the strong unity the group demonstrates. He also thanked The Morning Talk, GMA 7 and The Times for their support in the group.

“I thank FilCom for working hand in hand with the embassy and each organization being true to its untiring advocacies. I believe regardless of whichever group an organization is involved, what is essential is to be always available for the welfare of their members and further to the needs of the community” stated CDA Dado. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to everyone after the brief program and food brought by organizations were shared generously.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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