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FilCRO and FilASMAK visit OFWs in local hospitals
July 15, 2018, 4:20 pm

Members of Filipino Clients Relations Officers (FilCRO) and Filipino Association of Skilled Manpower Agencies in Kuwait (FilASMAK) paid a visit to Filipinos currently admitted to local hospitals due to different medical cases on 12 July. One of whom was Mary Jane, currently recuperating but twice operated due to infections and complication with her appendix.

Maripol Abdallah and Marissa Fernandez, Presidents of the two organizations were present during the visit to Al Adan Hospital to check on the condition of Mary Jane. Abdallah reminded Mary Jane that the recruitment agencies will always provide support and that deployed workers should not hesitate to call for any assistance from their agencies and be rest assured that every possible help will be extended. Fernandez reiterated one of the primary functions of the deploying agencies is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the workers they deploy in the country, and they should not be deprived of any help.

Mary Jane told the visiting group how her medical condition has worsened. She recalled that towards the end of Ramadan, she started experiencing severe pains in her stomach and her employer sent her to the same hospital for checkup, but found nothing. Two weeks passed and she was again rushed to the hospital by her employer, but even ultra sound test failed to identify her condition.

She was in a life-threatening state when doctors found out that her appendix ruptured and she had to undergo a thorough exploratory laparotomy, where a huge incision was made on the stomach area head. It is the standard procedure in various blunt and penetrating trauma situations where there may be multiple life-threatening injuries, and the operation is undertaken in many diagnostic situations in order to search for a unifying cause for multiple signs and symptoms of disease.

Due to severe infection, Mary Jane’s condition has worsened and she had to be re-operated to close her stomach after a few days. Currently, she is confined in Adan Hospital and is now recuperating and hopes to return home to the Philippines after she has fully recovered. Officials from POLO/ OWWA of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, owner of Saqar Recruitment Agency and staff, members of a local non-government organization, officers of the Philippine Chefs Society have visited Mary Jane in the hospital.

She thanked her Kuwaiti employer, who she called very compassionate and kind for taking care of her and constantly monitoring her conditions. “I am so blessed with good employers who constantly visit me in the hospital and check my recent medical conditions and promised to send me home as soon as I can travel. She even offered that should I decide to return to Kuwait, I am most welcomed to work for them,” stated Mary Jane.

Mary Jane’s condition was reported to GMA 7 News by Zeny, a staff nurse at International medical Services and who constantly visits and monitors her medical condition. She thanked everyone who responded to her posts. 

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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