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FilASEAK launches The Gym Team’s Zumba class in shelter
May 31, 2015, 2:25 pm

The Filipino Association of Secretaries of Employment Agencies in Kuwait headed by its President Maripol Abdallah and some members launched Saturday morning the first Zumba class led by The Gym Team Fitness instructors and assistant instructors. The fun-filled class was attended by women currently seeking shelter at the resource center. From its hallway to the second floor, the shelter was full of wards that were treated to an hour of dance exercise.

The event kicked off with the Fitness mentor Ricky Laxa who explained about the class and health measures to ensure safe and beneficial exercise. Instructros who led the Zumba class were ZIN Jannet Miranda of Stretch Gym and Lyle Colina of Flex VIP assisted by assistant instructors Mlyn Yu, Evee Hibale, Fheienr Santos, Mariam Raed and Anne Marie Toribio. 15 dance routines were introduced in the class to the delight of everyone who managed to squeeze themselves into the crowded venue. Spouse of Philippine Labor Attaché and his daughter also came to join the class.

“The women in the shelter often don’t have the chance to exercise and get fit and that with this fitness project we can contribute to lessen their burdens and hopefully even when they return to their families, they will continue such activity. FilASEAK thank the Gym Team for sharing their time and effort to launch this fitness program for our wards in the shelter, we are glad to spearhead this occasion and urge all other agencies to take active participation in the project. We will be providing light refreshment in the next class,” commented Abdallah. 

Abdallah who is also one of the coordinators and pioneers of Zumba class in POLO/OWWA a year back contributed in establishing Pinoy Zumba Lovers (PZL), which is now the biggest exercise advocacy group in the Middle East with over two hundred attendees every week during its Friday classes. The group is mentored and co-founded by The Gym Team a group of certified and licensed instructors that also currently provide classes every Friday at the embassy of Indonesia for its nationals. More classes have been requested by other embassies and will commence immediately after the Holy Month of Ramadan.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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