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Feng Shui for women
January 15, 2014, 12:00 pm

Feng shui is a complement to therapy, self-development and spiritual practice, adding more brightness to life in simple ways. Here are some feng shui ways for women to lighten and brighten their space — and their life:

Take out the trash: Trash, clutter, junk: it is all physical weight in your space that you don’t need. Dumping your trash will make you feel so much lighter mentally. While taking out the trash think about other things in your life that are weighing you down, and how you could dump them.

Get back to basics: Simple things can be an immense source of focus and joy. Go to bed earlier, drink more water, exercise a little every day, eat food that’s good for you. Simple things are grounding. Even if you live in chaos right now, appreciating and embracing these basics will renew your feminine life force, helping you stay grounded.

Have fun with color: While we can specifically talk about the best feng shui colors for your life, your goals and your psychology, ultimately, color is fun. If you wear more color, you’ll feel yourself radiating a new quality of energy. Fresh flowers are a great way to improvise and experiment with color for a week at a time at home.

Remember that sunshine makes things look better: If you cannot actually sit in the sunshine, add more sunshine to your space with full-spectrum light bulbs. Try this: Turn on all of your lights at home and feel the difference in your energy when they are all turned on. Do you still feel tired, lazy or crummy; try adding some more light or lamps, especially in winter months. Open windows. Get up earlier. Spend more time outside.
Improve anything and everything: Hiring a pro to clean your place thoroughly just once will transform the space. Anything can be improved in general. Start with that premise, and you’ll find your own way to lighten things up.

Make time to be alone: Find solitary space to recharge; whether it is a meditation pillow on your floor or a room of your own to write, paint or read; a favorite chair by a window or the porch: we all need and deserve time alone to indulge in the things that feed our mind and our soul. Time alone is not frivolous.

Think balance, rather than quick fix: Too much of anything — even too much action — isn’t always good. Balance is what we all need. Instead of chasing quick results, move toward balance.

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