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Fees rebuff for private schools
January 18, 2016, 8:42 am

The Ministry of Education has rejected the Private Schools Union's request for authority to determine the fees in private academic institutions. In a press statement, Al-Essa asserted only the Ministry has the right to determine fees in Arab and foreign schools through a committee formed for this purpose. He expects the committee to complete its task soon to pave way for the announcement of the new schedule of fees in private schools.

Meanwhile, Al-Essa disclosed the decision to accept graduates from non-educational faculties to work as teachers in American and British schools, provided they meet all the conditions, aims to solve the problems encountered by private schools in recruiting teachers from abroad.

On the unavailability of national manpower to fill up the vacant teaching positions in these schools, Al-Essa attributed this to the decision of the Highier Education Ministry to offer two courses - philosophy and Education - at Kuwait University only. He added the private universities in Kuwait are not allowed to offer education courses.

Source: Arab Times

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