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Fauchon Paris
January 5, 2015, 2:21 pm

Cuisine: French

Known world over for its tea and gastronomy, its founder Auguste Fauchon's place for selling the best fruits and vegetables from around the country, in Paris, became the 'place to be' with its exclusive stores, gourmet food and restaurant. Fauchon Paris opened in Kuwait as a boutique-restaurant, as a gourmet boutique and recently, with a cafe. Its line of creative gourmet dishes includes the classic French gourmet delicacies such as Fois Gras and Caviar. The Rainbow display of pastries is considered the outlets main attraction. The French Afternoon Tea, inspired by the famous Five O’clock Tea tradition, serves the finest teas and coffees offered from the world's leading estates, blended to the perfect balance with added exquisite scents to produce its fruits and flower flavored teas.

Location: 360 Mall
Contact: 25309620


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