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September 18, 2016, 9:49 am

The extraordinary quality and taste of Fatburger inspires fierce loyalty amongst its fan base, which include a number of A-list celebrities and athletes. All their burgers are juicy without being overly messy; the buns stay together even under the weight of some of the larger portions. Burger sizes range from single, double to triple. Sides include chili fries, skinny fries, thick fries and onion rings. Featuring a contemporary design and ambience, Fatburger offers an unparalleled dining experience, demonstrating the same dedication to serving gourmet, homemade, custom-built burgers as it has since 1952 – The Last Great Hamburger Stand.

Popular dish: Triple Fatburger with French fries and cold drinks.

Location: The Avenues (22597142), Burj Jassim (22960601) and The Cubes Mall (22056603).

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