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Fashionable way to go back to school with Giordano
July 27, 2015, 2:08 pm

Giordano, the global apparel retailer, is welcoming the school season with a range of smart casual apparel for students. Available beginning August at all Giordano stores in the GCC, the collection includes oxford shirts and polo shirts for tops and versatile khaki pants to pair.

Smart Casual Shirts

Keeping a smart look despite the sweltering heat, Giordano offers men’s oxford shirts in solid and striped prints for a relaxed and neat appeal. These wrinkle-free casuals are 100 percent cotton and bring back the classy prep look.

In addition, polo shirts for both men and women are available to throw on whether it is for a class or dinner with friends. The polo shirts come in multiple colours and striped patterns providing easy styling for any occasion. For women, the 100 percent linen shirts come in pastel shades of white, pink and sky blue, perfect for facing the summer heat.

Graphic Tees

Giordano has also released some inspirational graphic t-shirts to get students back in the mood for college. With messages about positivity and confidence, these prints work for both men and women in the classroom. The women’s tees come in a stretchy material with short and elbow length sleeves.


The scorching summer months scream for easy-to-wear khakis. From your smart casuals to graphic tees, these light and comfortable pants will go with almost anything in your closet.

“Giordano continues to bring classic and quality clothes to the region. This season, we have identified what works best for college students and delivered quick and wearable clothing that transition from day to evening for both men and women,” said Ishwar Chugani, Managing Director of Giordano Middle East FZE and Executive Director of Giordano International.

For additional shopping convenience, customers can also shop online at Online shopping and delivery is available in the GCC making Giordano products widely available to customers with the option to pay with a credit card or cash on delivery.

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