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Fashionable hoodie
November 17, 2016, 4:14 pm

When it comes to off-duty dressing, denim reigns supreme, but there is another streetwear staple that brings just as much versatility to the table: the hoodie. This essential is about as laid-back as it gets, earning itself a place of prestige among your most treasured weekend threads. However, if you pick the right styles, you can pair them alongside the biggest fall trends — daytime metallics, velvet and embroidered ankle boots — for a sartorial result that reads chic. It also has a great comfort and cool factor. Here are some fashion-forward ways to wear your new favorite fall layering piece.

Pretty prints: Find a sweatshirt with a colorful logo and coordinate it—not in a too matchy, match way—with a trendy skirt. If it's still chilly out, get creative with your prints and slip on a pair of graphic tights. A glam hoodie looks even better paired with patterned clothing items like a midi skirt or floral maxi dress.

If your hoodie is one of those pretty types that make you look all girly, flaunt it over a fancy skirt or stylish dress to give it a casual vibe so you can wear it for a day out.

Fur real:  Off-the-clock is your hoodie’s home turf, but instead of doing the expected joggers-and-sneakers thing, dress it up with a few luxe extras. Add texture and volume by throwing a shaggy faux fur coat over a printed hoodie.

Mix it up: Go for an upbeat vibe by layering a neutral hoodie under a shearling-lined leather jacket and tucking it into a pair of denim culottes.

 For the ultimate mix of up- and downtown cool, pop an oversized sweat over a pair of embroidered jeggings. You can even stun a crowd by keeping a statement coat handy and wear whatever you want underneath—including a hoodie.

Sporty spice: Play the layering game to give your go-to sweatshirt a whole new look. Athleisure can be sexy—just tuck an edgy printed hoodie into a slicked-out leather pencil skirt. Bridge the sultry and sporty together with athletic socks and patent pumps.

Shades of monochrome: Pretend your gray gym-ready hoodie is elegant cashmere knit by pairing it with a pair of wide-leg trousers in a similar hue. Then, break up the monochrome foundation with an abstract print duster coat.

Another method to elevate your neutral tops, improve a black hoodie by going monochrome with a streamlined wool coat, cropped tapered trousers and a minimalist chic bag. Of course, a cool pair of kicks brings back the sportswear element — and keeps you comfy when you are on the go.

Though if you really want to turn heads, you can attempt the very striking hoodie and pants combo adorned in one print. 

Glam hoodies: Ditch your standard cotton cover-up in favor of burgundy or a bold velvet number that was practically made for breaking it down on the dance floor. Amp up the after-dark edge with a sequin skirt or sleek trousers. Finish the look with some brilliant shiny accessories to give this final ensemble the oomph it needs.

Over-the-top hoodie: Grab your hoodie embellished with special trimmings such a fur collar and metallic décor, and slip it over a black culotte jumpsuit with ready-for-anything appeal. Snoozy black flats are totally out of the question, so go for eye-catching heels.


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