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Fashion trends for this Diwali
October 15, 2017, 2:19 pm

Diwali is a bright and colorful festival that truly reflects the rich tradition and culture India is known for. Apart from the traditions, customs, food and décor, Indian attire is another symbol of the vibrancy of the country. Here are a few suggested fashion trends, where modern meets tradition, which you could consider draping yourself in this Diwali season to give you that edge over the rest.

This year, the traditional salwar top is being replaced by long, intricately designed over coats and jackets, which are paired either with cigarette pants, tights or long, grand skirts. It adds a sophistication that can be manipulated with the use of the right colors and hues. For the festivities, bright colors can be paired together (fuchsia pinks, oranges and reds), and the need for excessive jewelry and make up can be minimalized. This look works especially well for shorter women as the length of the overcoat adds the illusion of height, especially if paired with heels. Overcoats come with stunning designs that add a very traditional touch to a seemingly simple ensemble.

Long, traditional skirts can also be paired with crop tops, the modern woman’s lehenga. Young women and girls all over are growing fonder of this look as it imitates the traditional ghaghra, but eliminates the heavy feeling and discomfort associated with it. One can get very creative with this look by pairing the stunning skirts available with subtler crop tops, or vice versa, allowing you to go heavier on make-up or accessories.

Dhoti’s are beginning to make a comeback in women’s fashion. Saris are being draped with these puffy, frilled pants as the bottom, and long kurtas are being paired with contrast colored dhoti trousers. This is a look that is both trendy and extremely comfortable for those unwilling to let their outfits interfere with the celebrations. 

Saris too are adapting to the change in times, where authentic traditional styles are being paired with modern, designer blouses. An equally hip alternative is pairing old fashioned saris with either matching or contrasting t-shirts and finishing the look with bold accessories. Half and half saris is also a popular choice among women who drape saris of different color palettes or patterns that are both creative and in vogue.


For men, silk and metallic hues have become popular in recent times. Designers encourage men to break out of the norm and add a silk scarf to a traditional or plain kurta set, or opt for kurtas in metallic shades. When paired correctly with dull trousers or pants, this look is a young, dynamic shift from the age old outfit. Jackets, whether ethnic blazers or the ever so popular Nehru style can always take an ordinary shirt or kurta to the next level, and can be adopted by men this Diwali to look their best during festivities.


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