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Fashion styling hacks
December 14, 2017, 2:43 pm

Women with great style employ a few steady fashion hacks on the regular to take their basics up a notch with accessories, reinvent the way they wear the same old thing, and make their favorite pieces work year-round. Here are the subtle styling tips that make ordinary outfits the envy of onlookers.

Try the ‘Groutfit’:  The term groutfit comes from a fusion of the words gray and outfit. A groutfit is simply two or more articles of clothing in varying shades of gray worn together. Embrace the groutfit with monochromatic grays in varying shades and textures. Join the trend easily by pairing dark skinnies with a standout sweater to elevate a gray-on-gray combo. Alternatively, go wild and throw on every piece of gray clothing you own.

Upgrade your lazy-day look: If sweats are your go-to lazy look, add your favorite sweatshirt to a flouncy skirt or a statement top to your joggers. You can even treat your sweatshirt as a piece that can be layered upon, for example long tailored vests are a great way to instantly dress it up.

Go one step further by belting your sweatshirt at the waist, a trick that on roomy versions will create a more intentional shape, ruling out any possibility of it looking sloppy.

Wear one color head to toe: Stick to a single color family to make a subtle, but impossibly cool, statement in varying shades of the same hue. Jeweled shades of a color can be slightly intimidating to style. The secret is to play with texture: a soft cashmere sweater paired with silky culottes creates the perfect contrast.

Take your athleisure outside the gym: Simply mix sporty basics like bombers, track pants, hoodies, tees, and sneakers into your existing wardrobe—and voilà. While you will feel relaxed in such pieces, you have to avoid looking sloppy at all costs; your choices have to look crisp and clean. Moreover, they should reflect your signature style and must mimic how you normally dress to blend in seamlessly with your wardrobe.

Mix and match:  Experiment by pairing your ladylike pieces with your bohemian maxi or your menswear loafers with the flirtiest dress in your closet. If you’re feeling a little nervous about taking the print plunge, try meshing different textures and keep within the same color palette.

Style it with sneakers: Celebrate your love for sneakers, and make them the star of your outfit. Extra points if you style them with a dress. For your white and black outfits, add pops of color with bright sneakers and accessories in coordinating shades.  When it comes to metallic/snakeskin/other crazy printed sneakers, allow them to take center stage and wear them with a solid-colored outfit.

Add your jean jacket to the mix: Jean jackets are the definition of casual cool, looking as effortless on as they are to wear: they’re a go-to lightweight layer, looking ace over dresses and hoodies alike. Moreover, they come in various styles - patterned, cropped, studded and dip-dyed- that will definitely mix up your denim game.

Knot your shirt: The easiest way to define a waistline without a belt is knotting your shirt right at the middle. It lends a more creative finish than just tucking in your shirt and adds a playful touch.




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