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Fashion rules for 2018
January 4, 2018, 5:39 pm

When it comes to fashion for the New Year, a few rules make it easier to get dressed to exude sophistication and style. In 2018, fashion should make you happy so here are some tips to follow.

Wear white out of season:  The color white is season-less, and wearing white doesn’t have to be boring and predictable. Go the sophisticated route by opting for a white blouse and some eye-catching neon accessories. In lieu of stark white (which can be intimidating), get creative with a slew of off-white and parchment hues that play well with navy, blush pink and even cognac leather.

Experiment with jewelry and accessories:  Whether it's an artsy statement earring you really like or a belt strap so long it extends to the floor, 2018 is the year to make your standout accessory be the focal point of your entire outfit. For everyday arm candy, find simple yet striking form factors that speak for themselves.

Pay attention to color trends: Ultra violet was deemed Pantone's color of the year, and instead of picking up yet another pair of black slacks, try this happy shade that'll earn you street style credit. If you've been on the fence about jumping on the brightly colored hair train, velvet is the fabric du jour, and nothing is more luxurious than purple velvet.

Make sure your power suit has personality:  In 2018, your suit should be well-tailored and make you feel confident, and speak to who you are. Proceed to channel your inner lady by picking a suit embellished with ruffles or a bold print.  Another good choice is a tailored pantsuit in an edgy style such as cigarette trousers and a laid-back chic blazer that is designed for modern-day girl bosses.

When it comes to timeless pieces, invest in quality: If you wear a work blouse often, make sure you take care of it so it will last you a long time. If that means searching near and far for a top that fits you just right and might cost you a bit more cash, you'll be grateful in the long run when you're still wearing it in 2020.

Try out a new denim trend:  With the lineup of extraordinary silhouettes hitting shelves, challenge yourself to abandon your old skinnies. Or at least give them a break for something new and eye-catching.

Rework old pieces in your closet in new ways: Remember when you styled your beret with a suit, neck scarf, and kitten heels? Freshen things up by working it with a simple blouse and flared jeans. The old you wouldn't dream of doing that, now would she?

Invest in a professional blazer:  You'll need one in a neutral color that works for jeans and booties as it can for the office with trousers and pumps — or even over a cocktail dress. Go for a print or checks if that's what you like. Just make sure your piece fits you well and is versatile enough to wear during any season.

Mismatched shoes can be done: There's no better time to try the trend of mismatched shoes whether it's by color or embellishment. If you're worried about your outfit appearing costume-like or chaotic, just rock those crazy kicks with a monotone dress or jeans and a t-shirt.


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