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Fashion myths busted
May 11, 2014, 10:55 am

Slimmer in all black: Sadly, black is not as slimming as you might think. By wearing black on black, you can actually appear heavier. To make black work for you, wear it in smaller amounts. A black pencil skirt will de-emphasize a full figure from the waist down, while a black paneling on the sides of a jacket or dress can carve out a trimmer shape.

No leather to office: The trick is to pass up full-on black leather at the office. A leather skirt in a creamy neutral paired with a mohair knit can be both soft, sensual and feminine, but serious enough to wear to work. Or leather sleeves or panels in a top or jacket are a great way to bring edge to a sleek look.

Wearing silver with gold: The truth is that you do not have to separate silver and gold as metallics are the new neutrals and can be mixed accordingly. Try choosing a statement necklace that boldly mixes metals or cover the whole spectrum of metallics with a stack of tri-metal bangles paired with a knit top.

Mixed patterns: Unlike in the past, mixing patterns is now regarded as a bold, modern look. Your best choice is to always keep scale in mind; mix small-scale pattern with larger scale prints to create visual interest. And remember, you need an anchoring print to create a focal point for your look.

Pairing navy and black: Women fear wearing navy and black together as these colors are typically viewed as uncomfortable and bleak. However, modern trends embrace the dark side; navy and black have become a sultry combination. Choose your blacks and navies in different fabrics to make each piece stand on its own.

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