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Fashion hacks to look stylish
September 17, 2017, 2:39 pm

Many women spend a lot of time wondering about the best outfit to look stylish.  And to shave some time off their decision making, they look for some inspiration to dress stylishly without much hassle. To help you master an incredible street style look that has just the right amount of flair, here are some fashion hacks to make your everyday looks more stylish.

Less is more: You don’t have to opt for sparkles and trimmings just to get a stylish look, a classy outfit in bright or pastel colors will make you look fabulous.  Women should understand that in fashion, less is more.  For example, if you are wearing an off-the-shoulder top, make that your focal point. You don’t need anything else. Added accessories such as huge earrings or a statement necklace will be overwhelming—the top is chic as is.

Investment pieces are actually a good deal: Many people think they can’t afford high-end style. But you will get more value if you spend your money on one good investment piece that you will use for years, like a cool bag, instead of wasting money on multiple pieces that aren’t classic. You can pick a classic gray coat that can dress up your casual outfits for the weekends while keeping it versatile for more formal dresses and suits. Alternatively, you can purchase a dungaree style dress and cold-shoulder top that demands attention to help update your wardrobe by mixing them with other pieces.

Pushing up sleeves always makes things look cooler:  On a trench coat, if you don’t push up the sleeves it can look a bit ‘old lady’. That kind of detail makes all the difference. This trick can also give proportion to your silhouette, especially if you’re petite as long sleeves can give you the appearance of a little girl playing dress-up, whereas a flash of wrist balances things out.

Belt up your outfits: If you have a boxy or apple body type with no defined waist, the goal is to create curves and elongate your silhouette. Stay away from boxy loose fitting shapes and monotone colors on both top and bottom. Instead select wardrobe pieces that have a strong emphasis on the waist and when in doubt wear a belt to give the illusion of a natural waist. An ordinary boxy sweater when paired with a thick belt can add instant curves to your body.

Don’t hide, but highlight:  Dress to show off your favorite areas and not to hide the ones you don’t love. All women have trouble areas; don’t go choosing your outfit based on the unflattering areas you want to hide.  Instead, focus on the areas you love, then dress to flatter them accordingly. Not only will you look great but it will help draw attention to the good things about your body instead of worrying about the problems. For example, an off shoulder top can be enough to draw the eye up and distract from your petite frame.

Avoid cheap accessories:  Accessories like shoes, bags, sunglasses, scarves, and such can add finishing touches to your looks. Always find the best accessories that complement your look and overall style.

Expensive jewels make every outfit better:  You’re not dressed without accessories that best reflect your personal style, and can help update your look so it has your own unique vibe. You can choose a great simple design that either stands on its own or looks good layered. If you are looking for everyday arm candy to fancy up your outfits, find simple yet striking form factors that speak for themselves.

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