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Fashion-forward trends
October 9, 2016, 11:03 am

Keeping track of what is in style can seem like a full-time job, new trends keep coming and you find it difficult to keep up.  It is only after a brief perusal of the latest runway shows, it becomes pretty obvious what is currently trending now. Here are some fashion tips for you to gain inspiration to help in your decision-making.

The touch of lace: Frothy lace details are turning up everywhere, and whether you are channeling a nouveau Victorian vibe or going for boho, a lace garment will be your go-to now. Lace is the one thing you can always throw on to look like a lady–but just because the fabric has feminine undertones, doesn’t mean it has to always make you look dressed-up. Right now, the favorite ways to wear the trend is mixing lace with slouchy silhouettes, pairing lace and leather, or adding casual kicks to a girly dress to reinvent the trend.

The high-fashion hoodie:  With a nod to hip hop and skater culture, the once-humble hoodie has gone from gym class staple to fashion status symbol. When donning a colorful or statement-making hoodie, get creative with layers—like topping a sweatshirt over a metallic blouse.  

The ruffles:  Romantic ruffles are packing extra volume this season, striking hard on summer musts like crop tops, tanks, and LWDs. The trick to pulling off flounce and looking like an adult: Make the ruffle the focal point of your outfit, and make sure it is dramatic and structured—a high-style signature—as opposed to a bunch of limp, weak frills, which can look cheap and indecisive. The spiffed-up blouses and minimalist skirts will have you feeling like a charmer, not a cupcake.

The platform shoes:  They are versatile and super-daring, and depending on your sense of style, you can try any number of fashion trends. Introduce your inner rock star with platform shoes, leather and tons of bling. Alternatively, you can stick to more feminine pieces on top and then stun with your boyish platform shoes. If you decide to opt for a bohemian look, go with lots of lace, fringe and black. The possibilities are endless.

The choker necklace: Dress your neck. If there is one piece of jewelry you need right now, it is a choker. Some like their collars black and gothic; others like them ornate and metallic. Whatever your taste, the latest crop of chokers is a bold alternative to delicate pendant necklaces and feel very current.

Instantly glam up a casual top with a delicate gold choker, a little daytime flash never hurt anyone.

The cropped flares: Stash those skinnies for later. The coolest jeans out there now are kicky flares that have been clipped a few inches above the ankle. One great thing about this cropped pants silhouette is it is ideal for showing off a killer pair of shoes—like those aforementioned platforms.

You can keep it low-key with a dark wash and subtle flare or pick out a pair that is actually very versatile like a hybrid of a trouser and jeans. You can wear them almost anywhere. 

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